Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taiwan 台中,中社花海。

An illustration for holiday Single's Day. 
假日单日的说明。International day for single to celebrate and socialize! Happy single day!

Just a lil thing to share before going into my current update..
Two years ago just two weeks before i enlisted, i visited the garden.
>> http://www.nchynich.com/2012/08/days-in-taichung.html <<




Now, after i am officially done with my national service.
Two years later i am back at the same garden.

 photo 8354800x600_zpsd1fea7bf.jpg

 photo 8375800x600_zps32eb03f7.jpg

 photo 8377800x600_zpse5a60536.jpg

 photo 8408800x600_zps74d73be3.jpg

 photo 8410800x600_zps63d18186.jpg

 photo 8385800x600_zps3e2f3c48.jpg

 photo 8386800x600_zpsc64abeb9.jpg

 photo 8420800x600_zpsc1a48312.jpg

 photo 8397-2800x600_zps9fd664f1.jpg

 photo 8398800x600_zps1da26fbc.jpg

 photo 8396800x600_zps65a9384b.jpg

 photo 8395800x600_zps956e5eb5.jpg

 photo 8417800x600_zpsc96b0600.jpg

 photo 8418800x600_zps64625e5b.jpg

 photo 8412800x600_zpsbfe49798.jpg

 photo 8426800x600_zpsc670be88.jpg

 photo 8430800x600_zpsdadfabfa.jpg

i LOVE 这地方。❤️

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