Sunday, November 30, 2014


My horrendous experience in Shanghai.

Basically, it was three hours to my flight.. i found out i did not apply/make visa for China.
I was visa-less and in shock. I hopped on and got to the airport. Trying to luck to check with the airport if it's a must to have visa. And so, i watched my flight flew off. I was quite down and speechless to re-booked a return ticket for a thousand. that was just crazy.

When i thought nothing would be as bad as these.. i finally arrived in Shanghai after after all the first incident.. Had fun w all my peeps, on the third night of my stay in Shanghai, I lost my phone. I literally broke down, it was just plain crazy. It's definitely a nice City, never would i thought of it's quite not bad a place in China. Nevertheless, i still had quite abit of fun in Shanghai!
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