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Paint Me Real

The Thoughtful & Christmas Gift Ideas!
Personalized High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits!

Painting People Since 1987
Professional hand painted oil canvas painting portraits
Special Promo Code for my readers (10% discount) : xmas2014

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Individual Portrait

Friendship Portrait

Kid Portrait

Graduation Portrait

Couple Portrait

Baby Portrait

Family Portrait

Wedding portrait

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And my very own version!

PaintMeReal is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards. They paint individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, siblings portraits, friendship portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc. 
They do Worldwide International Shipping. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the painting(s) to arrive at your doorstep. It is the most creative and romantic personalized gift for your loved ones.

10% discount code: xmas2014

Follow these 3 Simple Steps
International Shipping - PAYPAL & CREDIT CARD System


I uploaded a selfie of myself. Please upload close up and clear picture of your face(s). 
I selected (1) Personal Portrait. CHOOSE No. of Persons in your photo to be painted 
* You are currently able to paint up to 4 faces, directly from the website. If you would like to paint  more faces, you are able to request for a customized painting by email -

 photo 42343800x600_zpsaeea4e25.jpg

Upload Picture

 photo 2234800x600_zpse43d97ee.jpg

Choose Canvas Size and Add-ons

I choose to paint an A3 size. CHOOSE FROM VARIOUS CANVAS SIZE A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 * Apparently, the prices on the screen changes according to how many person faces are in the photo, hence please, select the [No. of Person] carefully in Step 1.

Step 3
Shipping and Billing Information

Fill in your Shipping / Billing Address.
Chose "Registered Shipping" so that you can track your painting.
 I keyed in the Special PROMO CODE (10% Discount): xmas2014 (Valid till 25 Dec 2014) OR vday2014 (Valid till 14 Feb 2015)

* You may also choose to select "Send as a Gift", whereby you would need to fill in your recipient's  information. I think it is a great gift, for your friends and loved ones. Surprise them now!


These personalized high quality hand painted oil canvas painting portraits make Perfect Christmas Gifts, and I can't wait to order them now. Not too early, because it takes around 2 to 4 weeks, to get your portrait processed, painted and shipped to your doorstep.

Postage might even take slightly longer during special peak seasons like Christmas, Valentine's DayTherefore, this is the right time to place your Christmas orders now. Surprise your loved ones with a personal message or love note when you select"Send as a Gift" option.

Don't forget the Special Promo Code (10% discount): xmas2014 
* Please read the Terms and Conditions / Shipping Details.

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