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First of all; 
Take a first visual tour w me to Tokyo! 
Nich's solo ten days Tokyo trip. I had so much feeling watching the video, 
it almost sums up my awesome journey to Japan. I would definitely visit Japan again soon! I miss and Japan so much! 


A ten days trip myself.
Scroll down for the whole Tokyo trip.

 I am all ready to go!

Different skies while flying up in the air traveling to Japan! It's so beautiful!

 photo CIMG7634-001800x600_zps7a67d1de.jpg

 photo CIMG7653-001800x600_zpsb9172b8a.jpg

 photo CIMG7654-001800x600_zps80a13e69.jpg

Introducing my cozy apartment for ten nights in Hatsudai! Affordable apartment that have everything for you! 
A experience, have a taste of how is it to be just like a local Japanese! It was really cheap, like about SGD$38 per night!!! Yes on! I highly recommend to book your accommodation from airbnb than staying in hotels because its no point and ridiculously expensive, backpackers gotta enjoy and experience the local life!

 photo CIMG7665-001800x600_zps7a0be61d.jpg

First selfie did in the room! Heading out to check out the neighborhood!

 photo CIMG7672-001800x600_zpsc11292a4.jpg

I love such instant ordering machine hahaha so advance,

 photo CIMG7668-001800x600_zps4f58ea79.jpg

First local bar restaurant i visited!

 photo CIMG7667-001800x600_zpsb63007f0.jpg

Shag face after a long flight and transporting myself to the place i am staying in but its definitely worth it.

 photo CIMG7674-001800x600_zpsf3cf3185.jpg

First meal in Japan. Chicken soy sesame ramen. I swear this ramen is heavenly delicious. 
Glad that it's located at my neighborhood. ¥1,030 worth it!


It's Sensoji day, one of my most favorite place to be in Tokyo!!

 photo CIMG7684-001800x600_zpsa9538f0f.jpg

 photo CIMG7683-001800x600_zps16334945.jpg

 photo CIMG7772-001800x600_zps4e073b1c.jpg

So did i actually told you that i got lost while finding my way and traveling to Asakusa on the second day when i am still not familiar w the metro? So I asked a random local that which line ticket should get to my destination at Asakusa. Instead of just telling me, he checked his time, mobile for the route, offered to bring and guide me from where we met where i lived in Hatsudai to Asakusa. I was so grateful. Half way through the journey, he took out a pass and showed me, I was SO surprised to see a “Japan Police Badge.” Japanese are really nice, so nice and I really appreciate it a lot. They would help you till the end, like a responsibility they doesn't have to be involved yet they offered to. All I want to say that I hope Singapore would at least have alil bit of the same kindness they have and that's enough, it would be great.

 photo CIMG7688-001800x600_zps919e2663.jpg

Only 600YEN, my favorite meal in Asakusa.
Everything in Japan is heavenly delicious.

 photo CIMG7693-001800x600_zpsca6669f9.jpg

A picture w my favorite meal and oh ignore the bald guy LOL focus on me and my yummy food.

 photo CIMG8027-001800x600_zps32f1bdf1.jpg

 photo CIMG7695-001800x600_zps7962a2fd.jpg

Hey there Asakusa Thunder Gate.

 photo CIMG8030-001800x600_zps8a25623e.jpg

 photo CIMG7706-001800x600_zpsb3a91b73.jpg

 photo CIMG8026-001800x600_zps3246b7e4.jpg

 photo CIMG7711-001800x600_zpsae68d270.jpg

 photo CIMG7709-001800x600_zpse1508daf.jpg

 photo CIMG7712-001800x600_zpsf976fd04.jpg

A picture w the 雷门 is a must if you are there!

 浅草寺 雷門 (Kaminarimon Gate)
雷门;The Thunder Gate! As red as possible that day, one of my purpose in Tokyo! 
Finally stepping here after eight years, re-visiting my favorite Sensoji-Temple!!

 photo CIMG7727-001800x600_zpsef1e5b35.jpg

Entering all by myself, feeling excited. 
8 years ago i entered w my family this time i came all by myself. 

 photo CIMG7722-001800x600_zps35344f07.jpg

 photo CIMG7721-001800x600_zps07a4ae21.jpg

 photo CIMG7723-001800x600_zpsffe1c1c0.jpg

 photo CIMG7736-001800x600_zpsb28512dd.jpg

Approaching the main Sensoji temple just right ahead.

 photo CIMG7742-001800x600_zpsab88bd72.jpg

I was lost, but i prayed.
I got it, i understand and i will work for it. 
Thank you god.

 photo CIMG7747-001800x600_zps5c716d09.jpg

Cleansing before entering the temple.

 photo photo-001_zps3f77316f.jpg

Eye view from where i am staying in the main Sensoji temple.

Sensoji;  Tokyo oldest temple which is my favorite temple. 
After eight years, I am here again. I love Sensoji-Temple! A success! #Day2

 photo CIMG7761-001800x600_zps898b1115.jpg


 photo CIMG7757-001800x600_zps2729ca0b.jpg

 photo CIMG7758-001800x600_zps16869a22.jpg


Rainy day out, it rains but it cant stop me from going out!

 photo CIMG7791-001800x600_zpsea6bc2dd.jpg

 photo CIMG7793-001800x600_zpsf4dacb3c.jpg

 photo CIMG7803-001800x600_zps0def84a3.jpg

 photo CIMG7798-001800x600_zpsdd025546.jpg

 photo CIMG7800-001800x600_zps30199593.jpg

 photo CIMG7805-001800x600_zpsb1dd5c93.jpg

I had a really hard time finding this temple, i had serious injury from the shoe yet i didn't give up. I swear i was rushing and running everywhere for this temple and finally i got here.
I was so touched by the 47ronins, loyal samurais to their lord. I will definitely a must to visit Sengakuji-Temple if I were to be in Japan, to pay my respect to them for their loyalty. I told myself that and I did it. All because I love loyalty people. Rest in peace Samurais.#Day3


My all time favorite cartoon.

 photo CIMG7813-001800x600_zpsff0561a0.jpg

 photo CIMG7812-001800x600_zps5b60d190.jpg

 photo CIMG7815-001800x600_zpsd08706d6.jpg

 photo CIMG7825-001800x600_zpse62d7ad5.jpg

It's the Pokémon Center! I am holding a Master-Ball. 
Now, call me Professor Nich.

 photo CIMG7827-001800x600_zps8f66207e.jpg


 photo CIMG7828-001800x600_zpsb68e15dd.jpg


I can't explained how excited i was in the shop! I don't care if you judge me cus I love Pokémon!! I spent a total of ¥6,782!!! 
On gift souvenir all for myself from the Pokémon center. Some of my favorites here but it clearly shows who's my bias!


 photo CIMG7842-001800x600_zps03fa13b7.jpg

 photo CIMG7852-001800x600_zps15d78778.jpg

 photo CIMG7861-001800x600_zpscd0d406f.jpg

 photo CIMG8021-001800x600_zps2338fa24.jpg

 photo CIMG7874-001800x600_zps23a74530.jpg

 photo CIMG7877-001800x600_zpsabb7c1b7.jpg

 photo CIMG7880-001800x600_zps2617ff85.jpg

 photo CIMG7898-001800x600_zpsa22341d6.jpg

 photo CIMG7906-001800x600_zps39aecf24.jpg

Tokyo National Museum; 
I am so Asian sometimes cus I really love looking at Buddhism Religion Sculpture. 
卐✨ #Day4

 photo CIMG7912-001800x600_zpse9c2223e.jpg

 photo CIMG7858-001800x600_zps5b2570fc.jpg

 photo CIMG7915-001800x600_zpsac332b6b.jpg

 photo CIMG7921-001800x600_zps025363e2.jpg

 photo CIMG7923-001800x600_zpsee860dee.jpg

Dinner date w local Japanese friends Yoshi, Hiro & Sherry!


To the zoo, to the zoo!

 photo CIMG7907-001800x600_zps3276551e.jpg

 photo CIMG7924-001800x600_zps6d2d68d4.jpg

 photo CIMG7932-001800x600_zps0610abca.jpg

 photo CIMG7929-001800x600_zps7b6bbab3.jpg

 photo CIMG7927-001800x600_zps534f2560.jpg

 photo CIMG7941-001800x600_zps8cb13565.jpg

 photo CIMG7938-001800x600_zpsf5b6a60d.jpg

 photo CIMG7936-001800x600_zps248d564f.jpg

 photo CIMG7965-001800x600_zps4786c08e.jpg

 photo CIMG7948-001800x600_zps034d98c7.jpg

 photo CIMG7949-001800x600_zps1c1db487.jpg

 photo CIMG7999-001800x600_zpsa2348b86.jpg

 photo CIMG8008-001800x600_zps45be4b93.jpg

 photo CIMG7970-001800x600_zps6f6edc75.jpg

 photo CIMG7989-001800x600_zpsfaa1e478.jpg

 photo CIMG7985-001800x600_zpse0971634.jpg

 photo CIMG7987-001800x600_zpsaaeb78db.jpg

 photo CIMG8020-001800x600_zps3c4525cb.jpg

 photo CIMG8017-001800x600_zps588ec216.jpg

 photo CIMG8016-001800x600_zps0dd14011.jpg

He's in the mood! ^^

Conquered the biggest ass zoo in Tokyo myself, 
had a great time watching all these cute animals!

 photo CIMG8031-001800x600_zps80da1538.jpg



 photo CIMG8034-001800x600_zps3019aed0.jpg

It was a lovely Saturday.

 photo CIMG8037-001800x600_zps2192d35f.jpg

 photo CIMG8036-001800x600_zpsaa5e36c3.jpg

 photo CIMG8043-001800x600_zpsfa7d2ce4.jpg

First time to Takeshita, picture is a must!

 photo CIMG8046-001800x600_zpsd10a3b8b.jpg

 photo CIMG8051-001800x600_zpsac4a5825.jpg

At Harajuku with Ashleydy Kikocagayat Yutakis.

Surprise! Look who's in Tokyo too! 
Having a friend from home in a foreign country is so fun! Tokyo memories!~



 photo CIMG8054-001800x600_zps42e700f3.jpg

 photo CIMG8061-001800x600_zpsd06bd834.jpg

At the candy store where my punk princess @avrillavigne shot her “Hello Kitty” Music Video!! 

 photo CIMG8059-001800x600_zpsf14f2502.jpg



And then i set off to do the Tokyo tower to do something 
that i wanted to before i leave.

 photo CIMG8066-001800x600_zps72291f41.jpg

 photo CIMG8120-001800x600_zpsd194fc5b.jpg


 photo CIMG8128-001800x600_zps1add7aa0.jpg


I am glad to finally pictured with “Japan”. 
It was really hard trying to take a picture myself, I did my best. 
私は東京が大好きです❤️ #Day6

Night out w my Japanese friends; Giggling, laughing on the street of Tokyo in the middle of the night w alittle bit of drinking, having thirty gyoza at 3AM is so crazy. How can I not love Tokyo!


I love the way they pronounce said Shibuya & Harajuku, it's cute yet funny at the same time! 
Shibuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Harajukuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ 

 photo CIMG8156-001800x600_zps521b1a04.jpg

 photo CIMG8185-001800x600_zps7e6e7b10.jpg

A meal in Meji Shrine!

I found peace in Emperor Meji and Empress Shoken home.

 photo CIMG8173-001800x600_zps2afd60f4.jpg

I love this picture, i think it's my favorite picture of all.

 photo CIMG8193-001800x600_zpse39a5f9d.jpg

 photo CIMG8197-001800x600_zps6fb8a324.jpg

 photo CIMG8199-001800x600_zps572173d9.jpg

 photo CIMG8200-001800x600_zpsb1114c4d.jpg

 photo CIMG8201-001800x600_zpse31ee0ca.jpg

 photo CIMG8210-001800x600_zps84d65a23.jpg

 photo CIMG8217-001800x600_zps8209fbd2.jpg

明治神宮(Meiji Jingu Shrine)
祝家人, w my wishes ema!

 photo CIMG8215-001800x600_zps59a04c9a.jpg


 photo CIMG8219-001800x600_zps0977508d.jpg

I support live band, i bought their CD on the spot.
I told them i am from Singapore and they were so happy and grateful and even bow to me for supporting them. God, Japanese are too nice. All the best, WAKABA!

 photo CIMG8140-001800x600_zpsa72074e6.jpg

 photo CIMG8153-001800x600_zpsdf24e89d.jpg

My favorite drink from Tokyo.!


 photo CIMG8275-001800x600_zps0f40b8f0.jpg

 photo CIMG8230-001800x600_zpscc991595.jpg

 photo CIMG8241-001800x600_zps75c4efb1.jpg

 photo CIMG8246-001800x600_zps3507d25f.jpg

 photo CIMG8251-001800x600_zpse40e7bfb.jpg

 photo CIMG8252-001800x600_zpse1b6c57f.jpg


 photo CIMG8270-001800x600_zps0329a4aa.jpg

 photo CIMG8271-001800x600_zps6dd934ec.jpg

 photo CIMG8265-001800x600_zps008a5f91.jpg


 photo CIMG8272-001800x600_zps1c13b200.jpg

 photo CIMG8284-001800x600_zps0c9f369f.jpg

 photo CIMG8282-001800x600_zps56234ade.jpg

I was so surprised when i got out of the mall to see it got all light up.

Feeling Christmasy during summer w GUNDAM!

 photo CIMG8286-001800x600_zps1f4be0a6.jpg


 photo CIMG8292-001800x600_zpsee8a57af.jpg

I ❤️ this Japanese breed dog!!!


Hanging out w a Japanese friend for the final time!!

 photo CIMG8309-001800x600_zpsedbaa3f4.jpg

Guess where!

Last day in Tokyo, swagging out in Harajuku! #day10

 photo CIMG8313-001800x600_zpscf0916df.jpg

This two ladies actually came up and want to take a picture w us both!
So here you go ladies wherever you are from hope youre good!

Last meal in ANA Tokyo(Narita) Airport before leaving!

Watch it if you haven! (:
I will be back real soon, just wait for me love!

Next up, 8 days of Taipei!

Best Regards,

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