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WhatHeWants is a young dynamic company dedicated to providing the finest grooming products for men of style and substance.

With so many products in he market catered to the needs of women, WhatHeWants brings together exclusive products from around the world that suit the grooming needs of men in Singapore. Whether in pursuit of the ideal shaving cream, hair product, facial moisturizer or fragrance,  a visit to WhatHeWants is in order to discover a carefully selected range of products that reflect modern man’s ideals  and attitudes towards grooming.

Exclusively available at WhatHeWants is the MenScience range of skincare and acne products from the US, where the products are 100% free of fragrance, dyes and irritants, and  deliver the highest performance and quality using professional-grade ingredients. Other exclusive brands to look out for include the Billy Jealousy range of skincare and bodycare products made popular in the US; the Kyoku.

For Man range of skincare products using  Japanese natural ingredients like Ginseng and Sake; the 4VOO range of products which includes antiaging and cover up products specially designed for men, 
established haircare products from American Crew; and handcrafted shaving accessories 
designed by Edwin Jagger, Europe’s foremost manufacturer of fine shaving equipment.

WhatHeWants also carries notable brands such as the Labs Series Skincare for Men, Clinique Man and Biotherm Homm Skincare products which both offer specific treatment for different skin requirements.  A variety of fragrances specially designed for men from popular brands such as CalvinKlein, Hugo, Boss,Prada, and DKNY are also available at their retail stores. And the list  goes on.


  •  WhatHeWants The Cathay #01-06, 2 Handy Road, 229233 - Tel : 67386903  
  • WhatHeWants Orchard Central #03-30, 181 Orchard Road, 238896 - Tel : 6634 0386
INSTAGRAM: @whathewantssg

ONLINE PHONE ORDER: (+65) 66340386
*FREESHIPPING: Singapore& Worldwide on order above $150


Thinking about WhatSheWants as well? Fret not, just hop over to our sister store at Orchard Central to find to find everything a lady needs.


ONLINE PHONE ORDER: (+65) 6835 9288

I have gotten myself three items from WhatHeWants!
Check out what Nich got!

 photo image1800x600_zps168f562f.jpg

  • KYOKU for men.

Completely eliminates excess oil while gently buffing away dead skin, keeping pores free and clear of obstructions with salicylic acid and one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants Vitamins A & E ever used in a facial product.

Toning: Rice bran is an ancient Japanese secret for smooth, soft skin. It is said to prevent wrinkles, quickly heal blemishes, absorb dirt and oil from pores, balance the natural oils in the skin, and moisturize

Balancing: Vitamin A and vitamin E balance the skin?s PH to promote elasticity and reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles

 photo image2800x600_zpsbd8479a8.jpg

  • MENSCIENCE Daily Face Wash

Daily Face Wash

Daily Cleansing
Sensitive Skin
Devitalized Skin

Removes impurities and debris without stripping skin's natural conditioners.

Smooths and revitalizes skin by dissolving dead cells and dull buildup,
clears grim and oily residues from deep within the pores.

Softens and hydrates skin to promote a healthier appearance.

 photo image800x600_zps261635a8.jpg

  • MANCEUTICALS Dark circle eye treatment 

Combat dark eye circle
Soothe severe puffiness

Reduce dark circles and puffy eye bags.
Defeang free radical, soothes and calms stressed skin.

Brightens the skin.
Restore energy to tired skin.
Moisturies, regenerates and heals.

 photo photo-001800x600_zpsefc8de33.jpg

So this is the three items i've selected for myself! Because i know i have three big problems which is i am out-breaking recently, before my holiday trip and still on going after sometime i came back from my trip! I have quite bad dark eye circles, stubborn blackheads as well. These are the best product from each different brands, hoping it would save me!

Thank you WhatHeWants for the following sponsored items.

  1.  WhatHeWants The Cathay #01-06, 2 Handy Road, 229233 - Tel : 67386903  
  2. WhatHeWants Orchard Central #03-30, 181 Orchard Road, 238896 - Tel : 6634 0386

Visit them to get the products you need!

Best Regards,
Nich Tan.

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