Saturday, July 19, 2014

TheInfluencerNetwork (TIN) Yacht Party!

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Eh i wasn't ready la! Thanks angeline for the unglam picture but i like hahahahahaa

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Smile, here's a proper one!

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Here's a picture of our own yacht for the party!
Everyone slowly getting up the yacht!

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Just a pic before we set sail!

 photo CIMG9041-001800x600_zps30ddc7be.jpg

Now as the yacht captain, we are ready to set off!

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In a second i am teleported to the front of the yacht to enjoy the sea breeze as it moves forward to our destination!

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Selfie featuring whoever looking at the camera hahahahahahaa

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Here's a little sneak preview of the shoots!
Took the opportunities and did a quick mini photo-shoot at Lazuana Island!
So happy with the results, i love the nature so much! i can't wait to show them with you!

S t a y  T u n e !

 photo CIMG9103-001800x600_zps115b3bcc.jpg

Sky's about to darken.

 photo IMG_0033-001800x600_zps07cedac2.jpg

A picture with the Digital Artiste, Bloggers and the Boss of TIN!

 photo CIMG9103-0012800x600_zpsa403ddcb.jpg

On the way back to Sentosa Cove after spending 3hours at Lazuana Island!

 photo IMG_0054-001800x600_zpsd03df3d5.jpg

What's Renfred doing?

 photo IMG_0059-001800x600_zps73ab2975.jpg

We got ourselves a ex campus superstar, Renfred to sing for us on our way back to the start point!
Everyone is impressed! wooooooohooooooo!

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 photo CIMG9057-001800x600_zps5e5ced8f.jpg

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Here's my live update during the day itself!
You can follow me on Instagram: Nchynich

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Thanks for having us!
Enjoyed myself during the party, i bet everyone did! As TIN is still a very new company, it's also a good bonding time for all the TIN bloggers together and to get to know each other better!

Finally we would like to thanks our sponsors
White Sails and Oh's Farm for making this event possible for TIN bloggers!
As well is TheInfluencerNetwork!

Till then!

With loves,

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