Friday, May 30, 2014

Avril Lavigne Tour

15 . 2 . 14

Avril Lavigne Tour 
Singapore station 2014 

Just some due awesome concert pictures taken, still sharing it!
Enjoy! I'll always love Avril.

 photo DSC061771024x768-001800x600_zps9d5a15a9.jpg

 photo DSC062001024x768-001800x600_zps1bb1236d.jpg

 photo DSC061991024x768-001800x600_zps67d337a3.jpg

 photo DSC061981024x768-001800x600_zps18025ccf.jpg

 photo DSC061861024x768-001800x600_zps705e922d.jpg

 photo DSC061781024x768-001800x600_zpsfccc0358.jpg

 photo DSC062021024x768-001800x600_zps29be4c99.jpg

 photo DSC062281024x768-001800x600_zpsde1eeca2.jpg

 photo DSC062091024x768-001800x600_zpsc117535e.jpg

 photo DSC062191024x768-001800x600_zps85930a21.jpg

 photo DSC062151024x768-001800x600_zps819a1a70.jpg

 photo DSC062081024x768-001800x600_zps87cbc339.jpg

 photo DSC062271024x768-001800x600_zps391c30f6.jpg

 photo DSC062451024x768-001800x600_zps45f0dac4.jpg

 photo DSC062431024x768-001800x600_zps0b0bd5b9.jpg

 photo DSC062571024x768-001800x600_zps831055e4.jpg

 photo DSC062621024x768-001800x600_zpsc8cb2b0f.jpg

 photo DSC062551024x768-001800x600_zps9bea7daa.jpg

 photo DSC062631024x768-001800x600_zps431a856d.jpg

 photo DSC062651024x768-001800x600_zps032cb6dc.jpg

 photo DSC062691024x768-001800x600_zps14624233.jpg

 photo DSC063171024x768-001800x600_zps8ad4513a.jpg

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Feet Haven

About Feet Haven Reflexology!

What is Feet Haven? Here's a little about Feet Haven!
Founded in April 2011, Feet Haven Reflexology is a boutique Foot Reflex spa offering foot reflexology and body massages to its customers. Feet Haven is a hidden gem where you can find tranquillity and solitude. Away from the bustling cities and located in quaint, indie spots of Singapore, this boutique feet reflex brand popular amongst Singaporeans, tourists and expatriates looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. Be greeted to the boutique with calming aroma scent, sounds of dripping water and soothing music. Away from the noise and clutter, be healed through the therapeutic art strokes by our skilled and friendly masseurs.
The flagship store, Feet Haven Katong, is located at 136 East Coast Road has made heads turned, literally as the shop received more interest and support from residents staying in Joo Chiat, Marine Parade & Katong.  

second outlet was opened in December 2013 at Serangoon Gardens, 4A Maju Avenue, just above Cedele and opposite MyVillage. 

 photo IMG_7221-001800x600_zpse38070b9.jpg

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens;
is the second branch of the well-received feet reflex boutique, found at the history-rich Serangoon Gardens and the iconic Chomp Chomp Food Center. Opposite MyVillage, you will not miss the gigantic signboard that leads you to the second floor of the shophouse. This is the outlet i visited!

 photo IMG_7225-001800x600_zpsd1a1e337.jpg

Weary Foot
  • 30 minutes of relaxing foot reflexology at $30
  • 45 minutes of soothing foot reflexology at $35
  • 60 minutes of therapeutic foot reflexology at $38 (Signature) 
  • 90 minutes of revitalizing foot reflexology at $54
Exhausted Body Massage
  • 45 minutes of a short body massage at only $50
  • 60 minutes of refreshing Full body Massage at only $68. (Signature)
  • 90 minutes of invigorating Full body Massage at only $89. 
  • 120 minutes of pampering Full body Massage at only $128.

Exhausted Neck and Shoulder
  • 10 minutes quick press of shoulder & neck massage at $10.
  • 20 minutes of extra press of Shoulder & Neck Massage at $24.
  • 30 minutes of comprehensive press of Shoulder & Neck Massage at $30.
  • 45 minutes of even more comprehensive press of Shoulder & Neck Massage at $42.

 photo IMG_7235-001800x600_zpsdfcc838c.jpg

Leg massage area

 photo IMG_7239-001800x600_zps2c563cac.jpg

 photo IMG_7243-001800x600_zpsdad68a0a.jpg

The massage room, there are single and shared room!

 photo IMG_7248-001800x600_zpsda954368.jpg

A picture with the lady boss!
Do support Feet Haven!!!

 photo IMG_7245-001800x600_zps23b68f6c.jpg

The packages!

Feet Haven Reflexology was awarded the Best Foot Massage by Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards 2013.  In a recent Smart shopper! Road Test conducted by Simply Her March 2013 Edition, Feet Haven was rated the highest 8.5/10 out of four other Foot Spas and was given the title 'Best Value Simply Her Foot Spa'. Feet Haven Reflexology was also featured in popular magazines like 8 Days, Cleo, Mother & Baby, Young Parents and Eastie Brekkie. Feet Haven Reflexology is also one of the most social brands in Singapore. 

Monday to Thursday   1pm to 10pm
Friday                          1pm to 11pm
Saturday                      12 noon to 11pm
Sunday                         12 noon to 10pm

We are open on ALL public holidays except Chinese New Year.

Feet Haven Reflexology;
The Art of healing.
Book an appointment with Feet Haven today!

+6563447311 (Katong Branch) 
+6562882314 (Serangoon Garden Branch)

I have a massage experienced myself, it was great!!
 What are you waiting for?