Sunday, July 28, 2013

FreshKon & Kaplan Singapore.

Teenage Magazine, August Issue!

 photo image800x600_zpsa4bdd774.jpg

"Nich is wearing, Sparklers Glinting Brown & Cynthia is wearing Sparkles Blooming Pink" A special photo shoot shot from Teenage Mission for FreshKon! As winners, me myself both of us Mr & Mrs Gorgeous Eyes will be the Ambassador of FreshKon and be doing a campaign shoot for FreshKon in the coming time! 

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Kaplan Singapore; 
Study hard, play hard!

 photo 418d4ea9-6bb7-4ce7-84c0-b3684f9b3719_zps8d4021db.jpg

Check out my colorful school life as a Kaplan student! 
Remember to get a copy of August Teenage issue! 

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