Sunday, July 28, 2013

FreshKon & Kaplan Singapore.

Teenage Magazine, August Issue!

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"Nich is wearing, Sparklers Glinting Brown & Cynthia is wearing Sparkles Blooming Pink" A special photo shoot shot from Teenage Mission for FreshKon! As winners, me myself both of us Mr & Mrs Gorgeous Eyes will be the Ambassador of FreshKon and be doing a campaign shoot for FreshKon in the coming time! 

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Kaplan Singapore; 
Study hard, play hard!

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Check out my colorful school life as a Kaplan student! 
Remember to get a copy of August Teenage issue! 

With loves,

Saturday, July 13, 2013


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So it all started with this picture...

Audition passed, notified through both e-mail & message that I've made it into the Semi-Finals of Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You! 
I'll be appearing in the next coming Teenage Magazine (June2013) & Bugis Junction on the 25th of May for semi finals!

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 Bugis Junction amazaing race on the 25th of May!
The day i met my awesome partner, Cynthia! 
Say hi to Cynthia!

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Surprisingly, we got close really fast and we managed to pinned down 
the game on semi-finals and we are the 1st winning group of amazing race! 

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It's June's issue; Teenage magazine!
As a Semi-Finalist!


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Bonding games event!
Thank you Adidas!

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Our lunch at the teenage magazine office!

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Photoshoot Studio, Makeup Room, Lunch Area!

 photo 9800x600_zpsda0edbb8.jpg

Picture myself before the real shoot! Something really different from what I always wear! w/ Springfield clothing!

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 photo 12800x600_zps5262fae7.jpg

Preview of our photo shoot for the next coming July Issue Teenage Magazine!

 photo 13800x600_zpsb3eca184.jpg

Thank you BodyShop!

Our special workshop training sharpen us up before Grand Finals arrives!


After everything, it's finally here!

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It's happening at Bugis+
Grand Finals, on the 15 June of 2013.

 photo 16800x600_zps1778f607.jpg

We were rehearsing early in the morning before the mall is open for business!

 photo 15800x600_zps7c6e4ac9.jpg

 photo 17800x600_zps536561e4.jpg

We and i can do it!
" See you at 6PM!"


Now let me show you a video of overall before the Grand Finals starts!!

 photo 18800x600_zpsb149bcd3.jpg

Back to Bugis+ 
It's getting ready time for our finals!!!

 photo 20800x600_zps1a049d9b.jpg

Ahahahaha making fun of myself, while the make up artist is preparing.
Oh yes, it's my turn to do make up!

 photo 19800x600_zps270f7e9c.jpg

It was so fun, enjoyed the time being make up by the make up artist!

 photo 21800x600_zpsf3b1242f.jpg

Two sets of what i am wearing for the Grand Finals!

 photo 24800x600_zps8288d2b8.jpg

Geared up look for Finals! 
Sponsored contact lens, make up by FreshKon & The Body Shop! 
Thank you!

 photo 25800x600_zps39dfcc6a.jpg

My first look for the Grand Finals, getting ready for my turn to be on stage!

 photo 23800x600_zps22a1f6ff.jpg

Getting a view from the backstage!

 photo 27800x600_zpsb5736b9e.jpg

Taken while I'm doing my solo appearance with my walk! 
I love candid picture! Thank you Pin Point Photography! 

 photo 29800x600_zpsae99c008.jpg

 photo 28800x600_zps7149042f.jpg

 photo 30800x600_zpsfd975dd5.jpg

Second outfit for Grand Finals!

So embarrassing, hahahahahahaha i laughed at myself when i saw this video!
Last minute add in a special performance by all of us the contestants!
It may be messy but it's definitely a great experience and most importantly we had fun!!
Gentleman dance was really fun!! I really love both the outfit!


After the whole event, it's prize presentation time!!

 photo 31800x600_zps9321da30.jpg

Awarded for being the 2nd Runner Up!

 photo 32800x600_zpsc7336b68.jpg

Me, myself As 
Mr Gorgeous Eyes + 2nd Runner up for Teenage Mission!
Thank you judges, thank you all!

 photo 33800x600_zps2336a83a.jpg

My childhood die-hard friend that supported me throughout the compeition!
Thank you, Wenyi!

 photo 34800x600_zps6a1c54a5.jpg

All the finalist, group picture 1!

 photo 35800x600_zps111c4ad9.jpg


 photo 36800x600_zps6cef6f70.jpg

Black | White. 
And the last one!
it's been marked memories in my life.
This will always be remembered.

 photo 37800x600_zps1b4546f7.jpg

 photo 38800x600_zps8662f4cb.jpg

x TMGY x
Thank you "FreshKon"
Thank you "The Body Shop"
And most importantly thank you Teenage!!!
Thank you for the awards! Support Teenage!!

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Was told that Kaplan announced me on their pages!
Thank you Kaplan!


July Issue's Teenage Magazine published on the day of Grand Finals!

 photo 39800x600_zps1ab29c58.jpg

 photo 40800x600_zpsd2836128.jpg

Here's our photo shoot!

 photo 41800x600_zpse0ad46a7.jpg

A close up w/ partner Cynthia!

I've won two awards; Title of Teenage mission; 
Mr Gorgeous Eyes  & 2nd Runner Up for Teenage Mission! Thank you judges! 
Teenage Mission Gorgeous You 2013 have come to an end, i am glad that i've met alot of new friends, you guys are awesome!! Most importantly i really wanna thank my family, relatives & friends that voted so hard for me all the while! Appreciate it! 
And never forgetting the organizers, thanks to Maggies, Lavonne & Faiz! 
It was really really fun, the process.. it's a great experience of everything! 
We'll always be the Teenage Mission; Gorgeous 2013!


Best Regards,
With loves,