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NICH'S 21ST. (The Ritz-Carlton, Singapore.)

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 photo Mainposter_zps8ec38269.png

Official 21st birthday poster!
Black & green concept!
I really really love it!

Welcome to my 21st birthday party!

So... I've turned 21... on 11th May 2103!
So after all the consideration which took me quite awhile to decide on where to celebrate,
i booked the Suite room at Ritz Carlton!

Check out my suite!

 photo ccc1800x600_zpse80c9959.jpg

 photo aaa2-001800x600_zpsd6d4a222.jpg

 photo bbb1-001800x600_zpsd0bf6abc.jpg

I really love the suite!!

 photo photo2800x600_zpsc2b6d213.jpg

The hotel windows view from where i see! Didn't have much time to actually rest or capture any pictures while preparing the suite for my party! I was so worried because we were behind time the whole time and for all appointment for stuff collections because everything are only able to collect on the day itself but it turned out all well just when the party started!!!

A total of about 50 people, glad that everyone's about to squeeze in!
I've way too much of photos, so i've decided to post all the ones i really liked! 
More un seen will all be post up to Facebook Album!

Here's my 21st birthday party!

 photo IMG_0002800x600_zpsb2b46bb2.jpg

My birthday poster around the suite!

 photo IMG_0010800x600_zpsa8567567.jpg

A whole set of my Birthday poster, gift cards and the most important of all, guest wish book!

I really really love these! Thank you Wenya for all your hard work!

 photo IMG_0001800x600_zpsa7a63a06.jpg

My lovely black & green balloons!

 photo IMG_0008800x600_zps8432ff8c.jpg

 photo IMG_9529800x600_zps6115c695.jpg

 photo IMG_9550800x600_zpsa4c44dc9.jpg

The two pretty earliest girls that arrived super early!!!

 photo IMG_9547800x600_zpsc27ff2ec.jpg

 photo IMG_9546800x600_zpsc7461bbd.jpg

 photo IMG_9548800x600_zps687cd49a.jpg

 photo IMG_9541800x600_zps048545c2.jpg

 photo IMG_9549800x600_zpsc6bec7e1.jpg

 photo photo-001800x600_zps4cf494b8.jpg

Coffee bean high-tea bite size catering!

 photo IMG_9567800x600_zps1cd6b0c2.jpg

A first round of solo & group shots with all my guests w/ the beautiful night city view!!

 photo IMG_9764800x600_zps297112e0.jpg

 photo IMG_9590800x600_zps051df526.jpg

 photo IMG_9592800x600_zps47ea7c94.jpg

 photo IMG_9613800x600_zps403bcc5c.jpg

 photo IMG_9598800x600_zpsc618ad6a.jpg

 photo IMG_9615800x600_zpsceaedddb.jpg

 photo IMG_9646800x600_zps7445b6f1.jpg

 photo IMG_9643800x600_zps52e47995.jpg

 photo IMG_9712800x600_zps49e91a8a.jpg

 photo IMG_9735800x600_zps5520a8c6.jpg

 photo IMG_9737800x600_zps458b23ce.jpg

 photo IMG_9700800x600_zps32562a45.jpg

 photo IMG_9740800x600_zps2a637662.jpg

 photo IMG_9741800x600_zpse809d9a2.jpg

 photo IMG_9706800x600_zps3fb8d13a.jpg

 photo IMG_9705800x600_zpsb75f9b9f.jpg

 photo IMG_9704800x600_zps8f2e3330.jpg

 photo IMG_9770800x600_zps0ec49499.jpg

 photo IMG_9771800x600_zps0b57fbae.jpg

 photo IMG_9690800x600_zps38630d19.jpg

 photo IMG_9624800x600_zps6203fa67.jpg

 photo IMG_9626800x600_zps5d363fd4.jpg

 photo IMG_9644800x600_zps67ab6f80.jpg

 photo IMG_9699800x600_zpsa916065d.jpg

 photo IMG_9698800x600_zpsd70bdfb2.jpg

 photo IMG_9685800x600_zps9af4447e.jpg

 photo IMG_9736800x600_zpsdbfd3c14.jpg

 photo IMG_9738800x600_zps5d2be830.jpg

 photo IMG_9772800x600_zpsce2a0f26.jpg

 photo IMG_9769800x600_zps56551843.jpg

 photo IMG_9683800x600_zpsc55f88f6.jpg

 photo IMG_9686800x600_zpsa7c4f88a.jpg

 photo IMG_9687800x600_zpsb6198272.jpg

 photo IMG_9689800x600_zpsf15f1766.jpg

 photo IMG_9710800x600_zps64e42000.jpg

 photo IMG_9708800x600_zpsf1dd0654.jpg

 photo IMG_9681800x600_zps6f15a7fa.jpg

 photo IMG_9760800x600_zps96f36229.jpg

 photo IMG_9758800x600_zps7ae16dbb.jpg


Daddy insist to take a picture with me & the balloon!!!
Our big tree, love you daddy!


 photo IMG_9969800x600_zps26f1ba10.jpg

Finally i've got my own short little time to take afew solo shots of myself!

I like this, I love candid shots!

 photo IMG_9971800x600_zpsf8078502.jpg


 photo IMG_9781800x600_zps8bf172bd.jpg

 photo IMG_9649800x600_zps3f3bbed8.jpg

 photo IMG_9666800x600_zpsd65a0cbf.jpg

 photo IMG_9653800x600_zps75608d55.jpg

 photo IMG_9620800x600_zps13c7ebe1.jpg

 photo IMG_9621800x600_zps8e316cd4.jpg

 photo IMG_9670800x600_zps9c045605.jpg

Family & God-family!

My loves.



Cupcakes by CAK3BOX

Everyone is so excited after seeing the cupcakes!

Lets see who have the best look alike cup-cake faces!

 photo IMG_9792800x600_zpsb0e74719.jpg

 photo IMG_9791800x600_zps7da5653c.jpg

 photo IMG_9894800x600_zps394213cc.jpg

 photo IMG_9900800x600_zps64e97f26.jpg

 photo IMG_9914800x600_zpsd226f0b3.jpg

 photo IMG_9901800x600_zpsd18ce901.jpg

 photo IMG_9895800x600_zps706d467d.jpg

 photo IMG_9916800x600_zps3dbe4dee.jpg

 photo IMG_9921800x600_zps1bb64df5.jpg

 photo IMG_9906800x600_zps50478f01.jpg

 photo IMG_9906-1800x600_zps6a355288.jpg

 photo IMG_9775800x600_zps7794a33b.jpg

 photo IMG_9793800x600_zps00c6fbdb.jpg


The long awaited moment of the party is finally here!
It's cake cutting time!!

 photo IMG_9822800x600_zpsb3a137e5.jpg

 photo IMG_9823800x600_zpsb0dff789.jpg

 photo IMG_9826800x600_zps145c33bd.jpg

Happy birthday to myself! 

 photo IMG_9828800x600_zps457b2a76.jpg

 photo IMG_9841800x600_zps69c6d557.jpg

Wish that all my wishes made will come true!

 photo IMG_9842800x600_zps269774d0.jpg

 photo IMG_9840800x600_zps25391e39.jpg

They have got really great fondant cupcakes & cakes!

Red pillow crown birthday cake by CAK3BOX!
Thank you, CAK3BOX!

 photo IMG_9876800x600_zps619c9bc3.jpg

 photo IMG_9871800x600_zpsabd8ba66.jpg


Love you mummy!

 photo IMG_9843800x600_zpsba12f823.jpg

Family picture!

 photo IMG_9845800x600_zps8bdaf4dd.jpg


 photo IMG_9848800x600_zpsbc3e6d4e.jpg

Primary school peeps!

Zihao, Jacquelin, Daniel & Andy! 

 photo IMG_9853800x600_zps6118ecff.jpg

My two big brother!

Auston & Zac!

 photo IMG_9852800x600_zpsd7550fbf.jpg

Auston, Zac, Deanna & Tim!

 photo IMG_9866800x600_zpsf5d18b43.jpg

BMT mates!
Justin, Yawter, Stephen, Andy!

 photo IMG_9861800x600_zps149f90f3.jpg


Zerika & Yutaki!

 photo IMG_9855800x600_zps54efec3a.jpg

Norman & Shayne!

 photo IMG_9868800x600_zps9dc05d76.jpg



 photo IMG_9851800x600_zps3d92d81f.jpg


My peanut butter &jellies~
Adeline, Alfred, Anqi, Ben, Daniel, Edwin, Leon, Ken, Minhua, Sisi, Vivian & Rebecca!

 photo IMG_9870800x600_zpsb95728a7.jpg

 photo IMG_9881800x600_zpsc2f7395a.jpg

King Nchy of the day!

 photo IMG_9904800x600_zpsdb258cc9.jpg

 photo IMG_9905800x600_zpsd0fcd6c6.jpg

 photo IMG_0039800x600_zps75cedfed.jpg

 photo 12-001800x600_zpsd5ad61c9.jpg

 photo IMG_9733800x600_zps999bc623.jpg

 photo IMG_9947800x600_zps973d2064.jpg

 photo IMG_9656800x600_zpsb8339974.jpg

 photo IMG_9936800x600_zpsea87f54e.jpg

 photo IMG_9972800x600_zps7d4f8769.jpg

Officially turned 21st!
11MAY; Born on 1992.

Firstly, thank you everyone for the wishes. 
Everyone that came down, every single one of you are special to me!
Appreciate it, many loves to you all! They said "Now it's the beginning!"

Life becomes harder when you're getting older but it definitely makes me stronger than before. Special big thanks to those few who put in alot of effort organizing together for me since afew months back, you know who you are! Thank you everyone who attended my big night, thank you for all the presents! Really happy and touched to see all of my loves one, to see my family members, relatives and all my close friends which have been with me all these while! 

Happy birthday to myself once again!
I am finally legal, i am an adult!
( •ॢ◡-ॢ)b

Spot yourself! (:
Pictures & Video;
Credits to Wong Wenya.

Special thanks to Daddy & Mummy!
Special thanks to Shayne Chng for organizing & planning my whole 21st!
Special thanks to Wong Wenya for the 21st birthday theme design, photos & video!
It will never happen or have a success one if it wasn't you two!
Thank you all, all my friends for attending for making it happen!
I love you all!

Best Regards,

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  1. Hi, can i check with you where you go to print your poster and cards? Can i have the dimension?