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KOREA; Southern Coast (Teongyeong)

Sponsored trip by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore.

If you haven, 
Busan part1,  Busan part2, 

K O R E A.
(Southern Coast)

18 - 25 April
Free Independent Traveller!
Busan - Tongyeong - Suncheon - Seoul.

First of all, i wanna give a big thank to Korea Tourism Organization Singapore for the sponsored trip to Korea! 
Tho is my Third time visiting Korea, but first time visiting the southern part of Korea! 
Covering on Southern Coast of South Korea showing our way of getting 
to our destination, having our own fun time doing free n easy! It was cold, crazy and definitely fun 
w/ the companion of my travel buddy Hpility & friendly and funny escort Grace! 

-Traveled to Teongyeong
-Ropeway Stop, Hallyeo Sudo landscape cable car
-Mt Mireuksan
-Tongyeong Dongpirang village n market.

After two great days spent in Busan, next city; Tongyeong.
Highlight on this post, Mt Mireuksan. which shares its name with the island of Mireukdo!
Cable car, walk up to Tongyeong’s highest peak, Mireuksan!!

 photo IMG_06331600x1200-001800x600_zps4c84ffd7.jpg

Subway ride from Centum station to Sasang station, exit 3.

 photo IMG_06341600x1200-001800x600_zps57f6d9a7.jpg

Turn right to Seoby Inter City Bus Terminal after alighting at Sasang station.

 photo IMG_06361600x1200-001800x600_zpsc842f6a6.jpg

Luggages, yes i love mine.

 photo IMG_06381600x1200-001800x600_zps8a173d5f.jpg

 photo IMG_06391600x1200-001800x600_zps7c2e486e.jpg

Busan Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal.

 photo IMG_06421600x1200-001800x600_zpsf8225e43.jpg

Two hours express highway bus to Tongyeong city.

 photo IMG_06481600x1200-001800x600_zps1a7b7f09.jpg

In the taxi towards Anchovy Hotel, our stay in Tongyeong.

 photo IMG_06501600x1200-001800x600_zps81ff4594.jpg

 photo IMG_06511600x1200-001800x600_zps6593e44b.jpg

 photo IMG_06551600x1200-001800x600_zpsc4d3e828.jpg

Here we are at Tongyeong Coastal Street.

 photo IMG_06601600x1200-001800x600_zps7ddc4c0e.jpg

Or they also called it Tongyeong Dongpirang village.
What's special here is that mobile stalls here sells all Korean local food such as grilled cuttlefish and many more! It's a very local scene which can't really seen in the city as a foreigner it's a nice experience.

 photo IMG_06631600x1200-001800x600_zps9bb1623c.jpg

Traditional gimbap.

(Korean Dried Seaweed Rice Rolls)
A famous shop in Dongpirang village, Tongyeong which many Korea celebrities had visited!!

 photo IMG_06641600x1200-001800x600_zps7e81e6e5.jpg

Freshly made gimbap.

 photo IMG_06701600x1200-001800x600_zps2a484c23.jpg

This is famous Korean Dried Seaweed Rice Rolls.



Here we are at the highlight of Tongyeong trip!
Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car.

This Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car is the longest (1.975m) cable car in Korea installed on Tongyeong Mt. Mireuksan (461m above the sea)! Hallyeosudo which is known as the most beautiful waterway ever has 69 uninhabited islands and 30 inhabited islands spread out across the sea like jewels.

Now, check it out!

More details;

 photo IMG_06711600x1200-001800x600_zps5425c487.jpg

 photo IMG_06721600x1200-001800x600_zps8c6dfcca.jpg

 photo IMG_06741600x1200-001800x600_zpsac20c4a5.jpg

Hallyeo Cable Car!

 photo IMG_06761600x1200-001800x600_zps68914ca7.jpg

 photo IMG_06751600x1200-001800x600_zps143fb346.jpg


 photo IMG_06771600x1200-001800x600_zpsf411f353.jpg

A two-way cable car ticket cost at 9000 WON. 

 photo IMG_06801600x1200-001800x600_zps2c87cab5.jpg

 photo IMG_06821600x1200-001800x600_zpsba430268.jpg

We get into one of the small cabins with four other people and watch as the view of the Hallyeosudo National Park got more and more spectacular with every meter we climb. 
Shortly after alighting the cable car, that's when our real challenge begins!
It took us some time to climb up the steps all the way up to the top, it was definitely tiring but a must to because there's awesome awaits you.

 photo IMG_06891600x1200-001800x600_zps32286673.jpg

The first stop,

 photo IMG_06861600x1200-001800x600_zps32e04253.jpg

The view towards Hansando and Geojedo from the Mireuksan cable car on Mireukdo.

 photo IMG_06911600x1200-001800x600_zps91053126.jpg

The summit of Mt. Mireuksan!

 photo IMG_06991600x1200-001800x600_zps4f5169c8.jpg

Am at the Summit of Mt. Mireuksan!

The Land Of Sea-Tongyeong!
Even higher than birds eye view!

 photo IMG_07001600x1200-001800x600_zpsf30b98e2.jpg

I'm at the top of the world!
Mission accomplished!

Candid shot by Hp!

 photo IMG_07121600x1200-001800x600_zps0bb412b1.jpg

After a whole long tiring day at the rope way,

we had a short time visiting the night Tongyeong Dongpirang market before heading back to the hotel.

 photo IMG_07011600x1200-001800x600_zps911920a3.jpg

 photo IMG_07041600x1200-001800x600_zps5df62d2b.jpg

 photo IMG_07061600x1200-001800x600_zps54802449.jpg

 photo IMG_07071600x1200-001800x600_zps961082c5.jpg

 photo IMG_07081600x1200-001800x600_zpsee2edbb5.jpg

 photo IMG_07151600x1200-001800x600_zps938436a9.jpg

Mt Mireuksan?


you can take a look at my Facebook & Instagram updates during the trip!

Next up; Suncheon part1, Naganeupseong Folk Village!
Stay Tune!

With loves,

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