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KOREA; Southern Coast (Suncheon part1)

Sponsored trip by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore.

If you haven, 
Busan part1,  Busan part2, Tongyeong

K O R E A.
(Southern Coast)

18 - 25 April
Free Independent Traveller!
Busan - Tongyeong - Suncheon - Seoul.

First of all, i wanna give a big thank to Korea Tourism Organization Singapore for the sponsored trip to Korea! 
Tho is my Third time visiting Korea, but first time visiting the southern part of Korea!
Covering on Southern Coast of South Korea showing our way of getting
to our destination, having our own fun time doing free n easy! It was cold, crazy and definitely fun 
w/ the companion of my travel buddy Hpility & friendly and funny escort Grace! 

Naganeupseong Folk Village! What's is it about? 

It was said that Naganeupseong is a Korean castle in SuncheonSouth Korea. Naganeupseong is the only remaining Joseon dynasty castle in Jeollanamdo. 
It has the biggest feature that it was built on the plain fields and has the narrow stone walls around the castle. This is traditional village where 85 households and 229 people still lives inside and there're lots of guest houses. 

"Naganeup village has two defining characteristics. It is not a village of the aristocracy, but one of the common people, with thatched roofs and simple stone walls. The second important detail is the village is protected by a fortress wall that encloses the village built to protect the inhabitants from Japanese soldiers or pirates."

It is one of my favorite place to visit in Korea as well! What best is it was really peaceful and quiet, making the scenery even more enjoyable.

 photo IMG_07171600x1200-001800x600_zps5aeacf4b.jpg

On the way to Naganupseong Folk Village!

 photo IMG_07191600x1200-001800x600_zpse5c38b8b.jpg


 photo IMG_07211600x1200-001800x600_zps109dea8f.jpg

 photo IMG_07221600x1200-001800x600_zps1c4e07e1.jpg

Name: Naganeupseong Folk Village (낙안읍성 민속마을)
Address: Jeollanam-do Suncheon-si Nak-an-myeon Nam-nae-ri
Korean address: 전라남도 순천시 낙안면남내리
Directions: get to Suncheon first and foremost. From the train station or the Suncheon Bus Terminal, catch bus 63 or 68 (from the bus terminal, exit left, walk to the main road, turn right, and walk 100 meters to the bus stop. These buses only come 9 or 10 times a day – best times to arrive would be about 9:30am, 10am,11:30am, 12:40pm, 1:10pm, 1:30pm, or 2:10pm

Alternatively, get to Beolgyo station along the southern coast. Head out the exit, then walk about 350 meters along the right side of the street to the bus stop. Catch a bus to 낙안 (Nak-an) – it’s about a 25-30 minute bus ride. Walk the last 200 meters.
Hours: 9am-5pm (during February, March, April, and November – 
open until 6pm; from May to October – open from 8:30am-6:30pm)
Admission: 2,000 won.
Phone: 061-749-3347

 photo IMG_07221600x1200-002800x600_zps5e3b59ed.jpg

 photo IMG_07221600x1200-003800x600_zps701c6a5d.jpg

 photo IMG_07221600x1200-004800x600_zps97a3aeda.jpg

Ticket entry to Naganeupseong Folk Village.

 photo IMG_07221600x1200-005800x600_zps85dbe67e.jpg

A photo with the Korean totem poles typically placed near a village entrance to ward off evil spirits. 

 photo IMG_07221600x1200-006800x600_zpsac3ee937.jpg

A close up one! 

 photo IMG_07321600x1200-001800x600_zpsff70c577.jpg

Before we get into the main entrance of Naganeupseong,
we chance upon the rehearsal show going on!

 photo IMG_07241600x1200-001800x600_zps6c67eb62.jpg

 photo IMG_07251600x1200-001800x600_zps01cef891.jpg

 photo IMG_07261600x1200-001800x600_zpsf55215ea.jpg

 photo IMG_07291600x1200-001800x600_zps86bdc516.jpg

 photo IMG_07271600x1200-001800x600_zps632920bd.jpg

 photo IMG_07301600x1200-001800x600_zpsedaf8ef7.jpg

 photo IMG_07451600x1200-001800x600_zps054c87c0.jpg

 photo IMG_07471600x1200-001800x600_zpse1185d7f.jpg

 photo IMG_07471600x1200-002800x600_zps9807d7f5.jpg

Super love it, 
Bought the sword for 10,000 WON!

 photo IMG_07471600x1200-003800x600_zps583ee830.jpg

 photo IMG_07501600x1200-001800x600_zps184a8c8e.jpg

Beautiful isn't it, i was speechless.

 photo IMG_07551600x1200-001800x600_zps98775588.jpg

 photo IMG_07561600x1200-001800x600_zps3936aa79.jpg

 photo IMG_07571600x1200-001800x600_zps67ebe9ee.jpg

 photo IMG_07741600x1200-001800x600_zps9712d08d.jpg

 photo IMG_07731600x1200-001800x600_zps2aa3bc79.jpg

 photo IMG_07721600x1200-001800x600_zpsc274f236.jpg

 photo IMG_07751600x1200-001800x600_zps05acc38c.jpg

 photo IMG_07771600x1200-001800x600_zpsa526986b.jpg

This is the guy i was talking about..
Hanbok young Korean: you're so handsome!
Me: *shy*, thank you! 

 photo 945531_10201191095648272_675856781_n-001_zps26f0ea04.jpg

 photo IMG_07811600x1200-001800x600_zps0ac4b79a.jpg

Awesome Bibimbap Korean meal for lunch!! 

 photo IMG_07811600x1200-003800x600_zpsfae1f71a.jpg

i love bibimbap!!! Hite & Soju in Korea, high on a Monday afternoon! Hahhahaha!

 photo IMG_07891600x1200-001800x600_zps1e4c831b.jpg

Escort Grace: you're a nanny killer!

 photo IMG_07851600x1200-001800x600_zps29d8854a.jpg

It was a group meal,
a photo with the rest!

 photo IMG_07971600x1200-001800x600_zps0f9fc6ec.jpg

A photo with the police officer, don't ask why cus we didn't do anything bad and we are not lost, just we couldn't find a taxi and asked the police to call a taxi for us but instead he help us hitched a ride from a stranger and sent us down the hill, awesome and thanks them! x. sad thing, I wanna cry because I left my sword in the driver's car. 

you can take a look at my Facebook & Instagram updates during the trip!

Next up; Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013!
Stay Tune!

With loves,

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