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KOREA; Southern Coast (Busan part2)

Sponsored trip by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore.

If you haven, Busan part1

K O R E A.
(Southern Coast)

18 - 25 April
Free Independent Traveller!
Busan - Tongyeong - Suncheon - Seoul.

Busan, Part2!

-Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
-Nurimaru Apec House
-Nampo-dong, BIFF Plaza, Gukje Market & Jalgachu Market!

What so special about part2 in Busan is, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple!
One of my favorite place to visit throughout my whole trip!
Let me tell you abit more of Haedong Yonggungsa Temple!

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is located in the north-east of Busan. The Buddhist temple was built beside the shore which is quite unique as most temples are built in the mountains. The temple has a long history which dates back to the Goryeo Dynasty in 1376. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was destroyed during the Japanese Occupation of Korea. The temple was reconstructed in 1970 and the utmost care was taken using the original colours and designs.

The temple is located on rocks that are facing the ocean. Scattered around the temple you will see many different statues, sculptures and a stone pagoda. There are also four statues of lions which represent joy, anger, sadness and happiness.

Now it's pictures, show & tell time!
 photo IMG_02921600x1200-001800x600_zps99b12269.jpg

Escort Grace, Hp & Myself!
Off we go!

 photo IMG_03011600x1200-001800x600_zps8348d8b9.jpg

I love this machine note exchange, it's so fun!!

 photo IMG_02991600x1200-001800x600_zpsf3ccf359.jpg

How to get to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple:
Traveled from where i stayed, Centum to Haeundae Station!
Take line 2 to Haeundae station and leave exit 7. Get on bus 181 and get off at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.
 photo IMG_03031600x1200-001800x600_zps8e28a690.jpg

The waffle i love selling at the entrance of Haedong Yonggungsa Temple!

 photo IMG_03841600x1200-001800x600_zps397db301.jpg

Here we are, finally at
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple!

Opening Hours / Admission
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 
is open from 04:00 am – 19:00 pm everyday of the year.
Free to all.
 photo IMG_03901600x1200-001800x600_zps49327d27.jpg

 photo IMG_03601600x1200-001800x600_zpse0a2c008.jpg

 photo IMG_03941600x1200-001800x600_zps41a7ccb8.jpg

The view you'll see after passing by a tunnel, we were delighted with the beauty of the temple.
The sight overlooking the ocean is magnificent!
Nature beautiful that's all i can say.

 photo IMG_03151600x1200-001800x600_zps34731c3b.jpg

 photo IMG_03241600x1200-001800x600_zps9ea2623c.jpg

 photo IMG_03191600x1200-001800x600_zpsac720a04.jpg

 photo IMG_03261600x1200-001800x600_zps17f3db76.jpg

Surrounding the temple, you can find tons of little Buddha statues in different sizes and colors. 
They were really cute and interesting.

 photo IMG_03291600x1200-001800x600_zps0658885e.jpg

 photo IMG_03461600x1200-001800x600_zps9b339526.jpg

 photo IMG_03451600x1200-001800x600_zps38410841.jpg

Nearby the main hall and a prayer hall, you can see a very large golden dharma.

 photo IMG_03481600x1200-001800x600_zps007262b6.jpg

 photo IMG_03401600x1200-001800x600_zps6dbe9796.jpg

 photo IMG_03431600x1200-001800x600_zpsa3186055.jpg

Ascending from a high stairs is the location of the massive statue of Bodhisattva, Goddess of Mercy. 

 photo IMG_03441600x1200-001800x600_zps1fa875f3.jpg

 photo IMG_03521600x1200-001800x600_zps59989c68.jpg

 photo IMG_03531600x1200-001800x600_zps4c23d458.jpg

Golden pigs!

 photo IMG_04121600x1200-001800x600_zps0d22e25f.jpg

 photo IMG_04191600x1200-001800x600_zps4e85099b.jpg

 photo IMG_04231600x1200-001800x600_zps119ac25e.jpg

 photo IMG_04561600x1200-001800x600_zps2b754b9a.jpg

 photo IMG_04681600x1200-001800x600_zps75523abb.jpg

 photo IMG_04621600x1200-001800x600_zpsb2ebc3db.jpg

 photo IMG_03651600x1200-001800x600_zpsb5af11b2.jpg

 photo IMG_04791600x1200-001800x600_zps5cc425c6.jpg

A full picture of the temple within the rocky shoreline.

 photo IMG_04841600x1200-001800x600_zps97fb7814.jpg

 photo IMG_04901600x1200-001800x600_zps618c4456.jpg

The Pagoda Tower of Traffic safety!

 photo IMG_04881600x1200-001800x600_zps75e4c7c7.jpg

Donated, prayed for traffic safety!
Goes out to all the drivers out there!

 photo IMG_03741600x1200-001800x600_zps362c4dfe.jpg

x statue of twelve zodiac signs. x

 photo IMG_03761600x1200-001800x600_zps4aff4e51.jpg

My zodiac, Monkey!
Monkey king, hope you brings me good-luck for eternity!

 photo IMG_04931600x1200-001800x600_zpsfdafa814.jpg

Divine Sea God of East Sea.

 photo IMG_04941600x1200-001800x600_zps866c8d1a.jpg

Palm chair!

 photo IMG_04981600x1200-001800x600_zps10d9796f.jpg

 photo IMG_04991600x1200-001800x600_zps1ec6e3f4.jpg

I love this picture!

 photo IMG_05511600x1200-001800x600_zps669ee6ba.jpg

 photo IMG_05541600x1200-001800x600_zps5687c6ff.jpg

 photo IMG_05721600x1200-001800x600_zps502f18d9.jpg

 photo IMG_05751600x1200-001800x600_zpsf7df2ee7.jpg

 photo IMG_05701600x1200-001800x600_zpsc0902014.jpg

 photo IMG_05681600x1200-001800x600_zpsadd378c6.jpg

 photo IMG_05721600x1200-001800x600_zps502f18d9.jpg

 photo IMG_06121600x1200-001800x600_zps913731c4.jpg

 photo IMG_06151600x1200-001800x600_zpsedce752b.jpg

View outside of thNurimaru Apec House!

 photo IMG_06171600x1200-001800x600_zps233faaf0.jpg

 photo IMG_06221600x1200-001800x600_zps832b830a.jpg

 photo IMG_06261600x1200-001800x600_zpsac356960.jpg

 photo IMG_06291600x1200-001800x600_zps9171008d.jpg

Omg, can you believe this?! 
Bee Cheng Hiang found in Korea!!!

 photo IMG_06271600x1200-001800x600_zpsb245b371.jpg

A photo with the Korean Officers to end the post!

you can take a look at my Facebook & Instagram updates during the trip!

Next up;  Tongyeong!
Took a rope-way and visited the Korean villages!
Stay Tune!

With loves,

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