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KOREA; Southern Coast, Garden Bay Expo 2013 (Suncheon part2)

Sponsored trip by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore.

If you haven, 
Busan part1,  Busan part2, Tongyeong, Suncheon part1, 

K O R E A.
(Southern Coast)

18 - 25 April
Free Independent Traveller!
Busan - Tongyeong - Suncheon - Seoul.

First of all, i wanna give a big thank to Korea Tourism Organization Singapore for the sponsored trip to Korea! 
Tho is my Third time visiting Korea, but first time visiting the southern part of Korea!
Covering on Southern Coast of South Korea showing our way of getting
to our destination, having our own fun time doing free n easy! It was cold, crazy and definitely fun 
w/ the companion of my travel buddy Hpility & friendly and funny escort Grace!

Highlight for the post, 
KOREA Garden Bay Expo 2013!

It was definitely a rainy day.when we visited.

Awesome thing* It's the third day of opening and I am here! 
Let's get you all to know more about it before you take a virtual tour with me!

The Title 
Garden of the Earth - 
symbolizes the value and characteristic of Suncheon Bay, preserved as one of the best natural gardens of the world.
The Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013, authorized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), is slated to be held around Suncheonman Bay from April 20th through October 20th.

Organized under the theme ‘Garden of the Earth,’ the Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 is a global festival to be held for six months from April 20 to October 20, 2013 in Suncheon City of the Namdo region. Suncheonman (Suncheon Bay) is a coastal wetland registered on the Ramsar Convention. Korean photographers often select Suncheonman Bay as one of the best spots to watch sunsets in Korea.

The expo will be divided into three sections: the main expo site (564,000m²), featuring 10 country gardens and 60 themed gardens; the International Wetland Center (100,500m²), featuring an animal/plant exhibition hall, a theater, an ecology learning hall, and a wetland experience hall; and an arboretum (253,000m²). Connecting the main expo site and the wetland center will be a bridge, constructed using freight containers decorated with 160,000 artworks created by children from all over the world.

There will be four different types of admission tickets including a day pass, night pass, 2-day pass, and group pass. Tickets are currently sold at discounted prices on the online ticketing site, Interpark. (

Meanwhile, Suncheon-si was delegated as the official host city for the 2013 International Garden Exposition by the AIPH in 2009. The Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 will be the first time Korea is holding the respectable event, which has been held around the world for 150 years. 

Check out my very own visit to Garden Bay Expo!

 photo IMG_08011600x1200-001800x600_zps97905507.jpg

 photo IMG_07981600x1200-001800x600_zps2ab15eb6.jpg

 photo IMG_08001600x1200-001800x600_zps4242163e.jpg

 photo IMG_08021600x1200-001800x600_zpsa728b4b1.jpg

 photo IMG_08041600x1200-001800x600_zps30006a5e.jpg

 photo IMG_08061600x1200-001800x600_zps95fa66db.jpg

 photo IMG_08151600x1200-001800x600_zpsd9b22516.jpg

 photo IMG_08171600x1200-001800x600_zpse270970a.jpg

 photo IMG_08221600x1200-001800x600_zps8e3b3d3a.jpg

 photo IMG_08191600x1200-001800x600_zps127f1718.jpg

 photo IMG_08251600x1200-001800x600_zps1ae63063.jpg

 photo IMG_08261600x1200-001800x600_zpsa12a9e7a.jpg

 photo IMG_08271600x1200-001800x600_zps4327c01e.jpg

 photo IMG_08301600x1200-001800x600_zps844ff14c.jpg

 photo IMG_08321600x1200-001800x600_zps05e1ed85.jpg

 photo IMG_08341600x1200-001800x600_zps8516a425.jpg


 photo IMG_08401600x1200-001800x600_zps9aedfa9c.jpg

 photo IMG_08361600x1200-001800x600_zps12fe1c50.jpg

 photo IMG_08371600x1200-001800x600_zpse1342d37.jpg

 photo IMG_08391600x1200-001800x600_zpsab46adc7.jpg

 photo IMG_08441600x1200-001800x600_zps9b106df0.jpg

China Garden!

 photo IMG_08451600x1200-001800x600_zpsff996021.jpg

Thailand Garden!

 photo IMG_08461600x1200-001800x600_zps7aaad236.jpg

 photo IMG_08491600x1200-001800x600_zpsd60834b3.jpg

Japanese Garden!

 photo IMG_08551600x1200-001800x600_zps17bbaa9c.jpg

 photo IMG_08571600x1200-001800x600_zpsf2ddbe69.jpg

 photo IMG_08611600x1200-001800x600_zps81e4ac8e.jpg

British Garden!

 photo IMG_08651600x1200-001800x600_zps30c82e81.jpg


 photo IMG_08711600x1200-001800x600_zps108eae5c.jpg

 photo IMG_08721600x1200-001800x600_zps63d05b27.jpg

It's Jane, our lovely tour guide!

 photo IMG_09001600x1200-001800x600_zpsd709a8bf.jpg

Italian Garden!

 photo IMG_09021600x1200-001800x600_zpsfe257c2b.jpg

 photo IMG_08781600x1200-001800x600_zps7ec16bd0.jpg

 photo IMG_08871600x1200-001800x600_zps0f26580a.jpg

 photo IMG_08901600x1200-001800x600_zpsd704fa4a.jpg

 photo IMG_08811600x1200-001800x600_zpsa5e8d9b8.jpg

 photo IMG_08911600x1200-001800x600_zpsca3d41a8.jpg

 photo IMG_08941600x1200-001800x600_zpsd709ba75.jpg

 photo IMG_08951600x1200-001800x600_zps3cf48946.jpg

 photo IMG_08981600x1200-001800x600_zps1830b5e9.jpg

 photo IMG_09041600x1200-001800x600_zps6408e486.jpg

 photo IMG_09071600x1200-001800x600_zps84957835.jpg

 photo IMG_09061600x1200-001800x600_zps02e31293.jpg

 photo IMG_09081600x1200-001800x600_zps9c054506.jpg

 photo IMG_09091600x1200-001800x600_zps7313609f.jpg

 photo IMG_09101600x1200-001800x600_zps534bd8d0.jpg

 photo IMG_09211600x1200-001800x600_zpsb85ef1f8.jpg

 photo IMG_09171600x1200-001800x600_zpsd1df9c45.jpg

 photo IMG_09241600x1200-001800x600_zpsc4651d78.jpg

 photo IMG_09261600x1200-001800x600_zps5aa86403.jpg

 photo IMG_09271600x1200-001800x600_zpsb59d8eb8.jpg

 photo IMG_09321600x1200-001800x600_zpsf996c5f4.jpg

 photo IMG_09361600x1200-001800x600_zpsf8b06da0.jpg

 photo IMG_09441600x1200-001800x600_zpsea6d3cc2.jpg

 photo IMG_09421600x1200-001800x600_zps7316f0f1.jpg

 photo IMG_09501600x1200-001800x600_zps1ca48560.jpg

 photo IMG_09461600x1200-001800x600_zps09d5d1b2.jpg

 photo IMG_09481600x1200-001800x600_zpsd4e0ba9d.jpg

 photo IMG_09531600x1200-001800x600_zpscc6eedad.jpg

 photo IMG_09551600x1200-001800x600_zps270071ce.jpg

 photo IMG_09571600x1200-001800x600_zpse7617895.jpg

 photo IMG_09611600x1200-001800x600_zps4b071878.jpg

 photo IMG_09661600x1200-001800x600_zpsd4801600.jpg


Spotted by a beautiful KBC reporter and we did a short interview, 
will be shown in Korean news/online!
Say hi to the reporter!

 Toured around by a english speaking korean staff, Jane throughout the whole visit! 
Thank you Jane!

More info,
< Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 >
☞ Venue: Suncheonman Bay area (Suncheon-si Jeollanam-do)
☞ Period: April 20 – October 20, 2013

☞ Ticket Prices

Day Pass: 16,000 won (adults) / 12,000 won (teenagers) / 8,000 won (children)
Night Pass*: 8,000 won (adults) / 6,000 won (teenagers) / 4,000won (children)

* Applicable period & time: July-August / 17:00-21:002-Day Pass: 24,000 won (adults) / 18,000 won (teenagers) / 12,000 won (children)Group Pass (group of 10+ people): 13,000 won (adults) / 18,000 won (teenagers) / 12,000 won (children) 

☞ Reservation: Interpark (English)

☞ Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
☞ Inquires: +82-061-749-2733 (Korean, English)
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Beautiful flowers, international gardens that built by different countries can be seen in this garden expo! 
It's a must to check it out if you're in Suncheon!

you can take a look at my Facebook & Instagram updates during the trip!

Next up; The last at Seoul.
Stay Tune!

With loves,