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A high-tea buffet experience.

The MUSEO Dining Experience
First in the World - Dine in a Cup for a Contemporary Fusion Twist
Singapore, 15 March 2013 – With its successful foray into the local food and beverage industry,
Arteastiq Boutique Tea House, famous for their unique tea collection and pioneer offering of social
painting in Singapore, is making waves in the fine dining industry with the opening of its up
market restaurant and barroom - MUSEO - at the Quayside Isle on Sentosa Island, one of the
world’s most prestigious places to be seen in.
MUSEO, pronounced as 'M00 - ZAY - O', which means museum in Italian, brings to mind fine
exhibits by world-renowned art masters, all displayed in an elegant and refined setting.
Incorporating its unique take to the term, MUSEO has translated the concept into gastronomic
treats exquisitely presented with a contemporary twist. Every single detail of its offerings, as
well as interior atmosphere, down to its lighting, wall displays and music, are crafted with
deliberate care to reflect a fine taste in food and art which all art enthusiasts would appreciate.

Now, what's so special about MuseO?
Here it is!

MuseO Restaurant and Bar,
MuseO Social Painting.

MuseO Product Offering
Speciality Cocktails (Classic, Signature & Dietary )
After Teas (Selection by Arteastiq)
Barroom Menu
Food (Afternoon Tea Buffet & Dinner)

The MuseO Experience

Now, let me show you my experince in MuseO!

 photo P1017361-001800x600_zpsd3487eec.jpg

Grand opening!

 photo P1017352-001800x600_zps2d8a07e2.jpg

 photo P1017362-001800x600_zps21a976bb.jpg

Restaurant | Bar room

 photo P1017363-001800x600_zpse08039cb.jpg

Let's head in,

 photo P1017365-001800x600_zps4a3be346.jpg

Restaurant, Bar room's lobby!

 photo P1017365-002800x600_zps61056a30.jpg


 photo P1017351-001800x600_zps141ba350.jpg

MUSEO on the ceiling.

 photo P1017350-001800x600_zps1ada7005.jpg

 photo P1017367-004800x600_zpsc7a0d16f.jpg

 photo P1017368800x600_zps6a954114.jpg

Bar counter!

 photo P1017369-001800x600_zpsce8ac449.jpg

MuseO, special painting corner!

 photo P1017369800x600_zps3493cab4.jpg

 photo P1017369-002800x600_zps6ef81d68.jpg

Looking comfy?

 photo P1017370800x600_zps289df7f9.jpg

My partner for the day! 

 photo P1017371800x600_zps8542f4ba.jpg

 photo P1017372800x600_zps3fa0b9ee.jpg

Say hello to Ziling! ;)

 photo P1017373800x600_zpsbab14091.jpg

 photo P1017384-003800x600_zps5702c4fe.jpg

 photo P1017384-001800x600_zps25865177.jpg

 photo P1017387-001800x600_zps73897af5.jpg


 photo P1017402-002800x600_zps3c593341.jpg

MuseO, Media.

Wondering what they have?
Check out their menu below!

 photo P1017402-003800x600_zps1f2cb6ff.jpg

 photo P1017402-004800x600_zps5f3a248f.jpg

 photo P1017402-005800x600_zps1d388dd4.jpg

 photo P1017402-006800x600_zps3bfc0f82.jpg

 photo P1017402-007800x600_zpsa0558026.jpg


My awesome high-tea starts here!
Get ready to drool!

 photo P1017402-008800x600_zpsc64cc4b0.jpg

 photo P1017402-009800x600_zps56cdee96.jpg

 photo P1017402-010800x600_zps8d7521e9.jpg

 photo P1017449-001800x600_zps6a4c1db0.jpg

 photo P1017454-001800x600_zpsdf38e25b.jpg

 photo P1017455-001800x600_zps4033c906.jpg

 photo P1017420-001800x600_zps27a45b28.jpg

 photo P1017455-002800x600_zps7c3cca67.jpg

 photo P1017468-001800x600_zpsebbf8aa9.jpg

 photo P1017468-002800x600_zps92b038ad.jpg

 photo P1017468-003800x600_zps602f676a.jpg

 photo P1017468-004800x600_zps57f28e22.jpg

 photo P1017468-005800x600_zpsb5efaada.jpg


 photo P1017468-006800x600_zpsfd33fff5.jpg


 photo P1017492-001800x600_zpsedf71bb9.jpg

 photo P1017493-001800x600_zps20b26450.jpg

 photo P1017493-002800x600_zps59ee99b2.jpg

 photo P1017494-001800x600_zps76c02ef8.jpg

 photo P1017494-002800x600_zps6cdb326f.jpg

 photo P1017500-001800x600_zps4177a910.jpg

 photo P1017514-001800x600_zps7a9636ce.jpg


MuseO, Social Painting.

 photo P1017549-001800x600_zpsaea0ac58.jpg

 photo P1017550-001800x600_zps39d8b361.jpg

 photo P1017554-000800x600_zps79b9899d.jpg

 photo P1017554-001800x600_zps3a737b2e.jpg

 photo P1017555-001800x600_zpsba7555b4.jpg

 photo P1017556-001800x600_zps014c8202.jpg

 photo P1017558-001800x600_zps94b776c8.jpg

 photo P1017572-001800x600_zpsb22d0055.jpg

 photo P1017572-002800x600_zps230dee26.jpg

 photo P1017580-001800x600_zpsf15b7ebe.jpg

Yes, they even have outdoor seats!
The scenery is just perfect.

 photo P1017580-002800x600_zps77845761.jpg

 photo P1017580-003800x600_zps145161e1.jpg

 photo P1017586-002800x600_zpsa54f0351.jpg

 photo P1017586-003800x600_zps6ac0e210.jpg

 photo P1017593-002800x600_zps24d8c860.jpg

 photo P1017593-003800x600_zps8f44e156.jpg

 photo P1017593-004800x600_zps6a4e1017.jpg

Hot chick alert!

 photo P1017593-005800x600_zps306f27a8.jpg

Posing one for you!

 photo P1017593-006800x600_zps9c658840.jpg

Ziling & me!

 photo P1017593-007800x600_zps8a11cce8.jpg

Thank you for the good-service!
Ziling, Ren & myself!

 photo P1017594800x600_zpsbd1ca9cf.jpg

MuseO goes panorama!


 photo P1017593-008800x600_zps5e8e11ba.jpg


 photo P1017593-009800x600_zps76f04363.jpg

Need more info?
More details for you!

 photo Fullscreencapture2932013121723PM800x600_zpsca5d2964.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture2932013122005PM800x600_zps6e60873f.jpg

Signature logo

#01-22 Quayside Isle 31 Ocean Way
Singapore 098375
Tel: 67348066
Fax: 67348086

Thank you for the invites! I definitely had a great time!
Now it's your turn! Have a great time in MUSEO!

With loves,

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