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Turkey; (Part Three.)

If you haven, Turkey; 
PartOne , PartTwo , PartThree ,

A ten days holiday trip to Dubai/Turkey with my lovely family.
Once again, i am really grateful to my parents for the trip
that they are able, never fail to fly me or rather everyone 
for a holiday getaway every December.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.

Turkey trip mode; retarded.
Just me being myself, crazy for the trip with my siblings.
Spot and check out all my retarded pictures!!
I just love doing silly things!! :p

Ten days, here it goes! 
Pictures shall do the talk!

Day 4!

 photo IMG_68841600x1200-001800x600_zps53017fd0.jpg

 photo IMG_68911600x1200-001800x600_zpsd83623b0.jpg

Still, i love American breakfast!

 photo IMG_68951600x1200-001800x600_zps58bd4369.jpg

Luvin the effect, the Stars i made! ^^

 photo IMG_68981600x1200-001800x600_zps6464f36a.jpg

Bear and stars on me! ^^

 photo IMG_68921600x1200-001800x600_zps8b807871.jpg

Moving towards a local branded store!

 photo IMG_69091600x1200800x600_zpsaa56558d.jpg

Me and my annoying brother's!

 photo IMG_69041600x1200800x600_zps0ab5645b.jpg

Way before the local fashion show starts, 
my dad's fooling around on the run way and making everyone laugh!!

 photo IMG_69071600x1200800x600_zps964405bd.jpg

Happily laughing away ahahahaha!

 photo IMG_69111600x1200-001800x600_zps8714bcc6.jpg

The local branded Populer fashion show!

 photo IMG_69141600x1200-001800x600_zpsc949b358.jpg

All the goods from their brand!
Fashion show with their own good and trying to sell to the tourist!

 photo IMG_69161600x1200-001800x600_zps9665d490.jpg

 photo IMG_69171600x1200-001800x600_zps0cd86c0c.jpg

Just before when it's finished...
My sister and me got pulled up....
to be their special model for their goods!!

 photo IMG_69201600x1200-001800x600_zps9367479f.jpg


 photo IMG_69261600x1200-001800x600_zpsdbce6877.jpg

And myself!

 photo IMG_69271600x1200-001800x600_zpsc032c00e.jpg

The leather jacket i am wearing cost SGD1K+!!

 photo IMG_69291600x1200-001800x600_zps367941c4.jpg

 photo IMG_69311600x1200-001800x600_zps26fbcdfb.jpg

After our own walk,
It's a walk w/ my sister!!

 photo IMG_69321600x1200-001800x600_zps6b78d206.jpg

Look at our smile,
It was fun!!

 photo IMG_69371600x1200-001800x600_zps2da0771e.jpg

 photo IMG_69461600x1200-001800x600_zps0b4800a8.jpg

It was quite fun and a good experience to actually 
walk on the stage, modelling for their awesome outfit!!! \/

Moving on after the visiting their local fashion branded,
the place we're at is real beautiful full of maple leaves!!
Really love the pictures below!!

 photo IMG_69511600x1200-001800x600_zpsa7937fb1.jpg

 photo IMG_69521600x1200-001800x600_zps8fab68cf.jpg

 photo IMG_69611600x1200-001800x600_zpsc99582dd.jpg

 photo IMG_69621600x1200-001800x600_zps74e7ea22.jpg

 photo IMG_69641600x1200-001800x600_zps22832820.jpg

 photo IMG_69651600x1200-001800x600_zpsfe0786bc.jpg

 photo IMG_69671600x1200-001800x600_zps7b41fe4a.jpg

 photo IMG_69661600x1200-001800x600_zps5783772f.jpg

My favorite, 1.

 photo IMG_69571600x1200-001800x600_zpsbd1225c3.jpg

My favorite, 2.

 photo IMG_69821600x1200-001800x600_zpsddf8df55.jpg

 photo IMG_69991600x1200-001800x600_zpse7b9021c.jpg

Beautiful structure! 

 photo IMG_70061600x1200-001800x600_zps4d2890ca.jpg

 photo IMG_69961600x1200-001800x600_zpsac2abafa.jpg

 photo IMG_70061600x1200-001800x600_zps4d2890ca.jpg

 photo IMG_69931600x1200-001800x600_zps64e2035d.jpg

Taking with the background becus it looks like Twilight!! 

 photo IMG_70191600x1200-001800x600_zpsbb1b1ee9.jpg

 photo IMG_70221600x1200-001800x600_zps57b1cd38.jpg

 photo IMG_70231600x1200-001800x600_zps3254789c.jpg

 photo IMG_70211600x1200-001800x600_zpsef25741b.jpg

 photo IMG_70251600x1200-001800x600_zps8962d891.jpg

 photo IMG_70261600x1200-001800x600_zps70f5e4eb.jpg

 photo IMG_70281600x1200-001800x600_zps826a9bcc.jpg

 photo IMG_70301600x1200-001800x600_zps89c4af84.jpg

 photo IMG_70241600x1200-001800x600_zps6e10932b.jpg

 photo IMG_70381600x1200-001800x600_zpsce335d7a.jpg

 photo IMG_70321600x1200-001800x600_zps70e879db.jpg

 photo IMG_70401600x1200-001800x600_zps1f4c4376.jpg

 photo IMG_70421600x1200-001800x600_zps631d037f.jpg

 photo IMG_70481600x1200-001800x600_zps47d8ad56.jpg

 photo IMG_70451600x1200-001800x600_zps476b86d1.jpg

 photo IMG_70501600x1200-001800x600_zpsb55df9e7.jpg

Lovely daddy & Mummy! (;

I am sucha good photographer!! :p 

 photo IMG_70561600x1200-001800x600_zpsc4d35e1a.jpg

 photo IMG_70571600x1200-001800x600_zpse10c0972.jpg

 photo IMG_70591600x1200-001800x600_zps399c20d4.jpg

 photo IMG_70621600x1200-001800x600_zps86fda4e7.jpg

 photo IMG_70631600x1200-001800x600_zps8a426758.jpg

 photo IMG_70681600x1200-001800x600_zpsb7dc2bb5.jpg

 photo IMG_70721600x1200-001800x600_zps083e5637.jpg

Photo bombed of the year!


 photo IMG_70741600x1200-001800x600_zpsbd7af0d0.jpg

The last place we visit before the sunset!

Natural hot spring, in a super low temperature cold weather! 

 photo IMG_70751600x1200-001800x600_zps8c6c9b39.jpg

People's everywhere soaking their feet!!
They have all sorts of tourist here! 

 photo IMG_70761600x1200-001800x600_zps05307691.jpg

 photo IMG_70771600x1200-001800x600_zpsb6fbac70.jpg

It looks awesome isn't it? 

 photo IMG_70791600x1200-001800x600_zpsf415e900.jpg

 photo IMG_70831600x1200-001800x600_zpsf0086b06.jpg

 photo IMG_70901600x1200-001800x600_zps6328e14d.jpg

Last photo of the day!

That's for day 4! 
Catwalk, maple leaves, cats, natural hot spring!

Next up, Turkey Part4!
Stay Tune!

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With loves,

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