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Hello everyone!

Have you heard of EASTPAK?
Here are some facts about EastPak Basically it’s a brand that you can cram even more fun, more work, more study, more play… in short, more life into your day. Whatever your destination, however you plan to get there, 
EASTPAK has plenty of smart solutions to help you navigate the urban jungle. In summary, it’s a FUN brand!


EASTPAK, the authentic urban lifestyle brand, offers you a sneak peak at the 
upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Finally, the city is yours for the taking with a 
line-up of seriously on-trend bags and luggage. The new collection is crammed with 
even more clever, practical features… so you can cram even more fun, more work, 
more study, more play… in short, more life into your day. Whatever your destination, 
however you plan to get there, EASTPAK has plenty of smart solutions to help you 
navigate the urban jungle. 

 photo Fullscreencapture93201364928PM800x600_zpsb828b4c5.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201364953PM800x600_zpsa2e801e9.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201364957PM800x600_zps26037321.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365019PM800x600_zps146ed13a.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365030PM800x600_zps12ced991.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365036PM800x600_zps3da71208.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365109PM800x600_zps5870a98a.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365122PM800x600_zpsee0c1183.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365128PM800x600_zps7072e7c5.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365138PM800x600_zps99ae87cf.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365144PM800x600_zps77ff6ee0.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365152PM800x600_zps18441a72.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365155PM800x600_zps7857c100.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365200PM800x600_zps5c4f2372.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365204PM800x600_zps4d8458ec.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture93201365208PM800x600_zps2c6c05f2.jpg

EASTPAK is the authentic global lifestyle brand offering innovative mobility solutions for the 
urban insider. EASTPAK was founded in 1976 when Mark Goldman transformed his 
father’s company from a manufacturer of military issue backpacks and duffels into the 
leading supplier of stylish, functional solutions for city living and the things you carry with 
you. From street-smart backpacks to convenient shoulder bags and ingenious luggage and 
travel items, every EASTPAK bag or accessory is designed to let you cram more life and 
excitement into your day, whether moving across town or across the globe.

EASTPAK proudly supports a range of social initiatives, artists and musicians.


Check out some of these pictures below!
This are some of the bags we have in the store in Singapore!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-16-18-48800x600_zpsb48daea3.jpg

All the plains one!
Available in most colors!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-16-19-06800x600_zps8eea99f0.jpg

The bright apple green is one of my favorite!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-16-21-01800x600_zpsb87ab1fd.jpg

These are the new arrivals!
Now they even comes with graphic designs printed on the bagpack!!!
Isn't it cute?! I love the stars one!!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-16-20-42800x600_zps2aa6e9fd.jpg

Available in more design!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-16-19-38800x600_zps94a70727.jpg

And more!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-16-21-19800x600_zps0ca2ec79.jpg

Even comes with a luggage!

Fancy with any of these bags?!
Be sure to check them out!!!

EASTPAK boutique stores are located at:
1) EASTPAK Plaza Singapura #04-60
2) EASTPAK Parco Millenia Walk Level 1
*EASTPAK is also available at all major World of Sports, World of Outdoors and Surf & 
Liquid stores

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World Of Sports.

With loves,

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