Monday, February 4, 2013


Saturday night:
I lost my fucking iPhone4.

Case update!
Updates: Monday.
OMG. Guess what?! My phone's back on my hand!!! So apparently my friend whom is butter owner said there's a theft! After all the investigation, A lady's purse and my iphone was stolen!!! And both of our item is thrown in the bin nearby the club but the security found it!! And they got culprit! Godness bitch!! Police reports is made! Hope with police and these report something will happen to him wtf!! So that's the story!! But whatever it is, I'm super lucky to have my phone back tho it was found in the bin LOL!!! After two days of hide and seek and me being really upset of my lost phone, it's finally back to me!!! Thanks for the all the Twitter-ers for the retweets! Thanks Butter, Bob, Ziling and Teddy for the help! So blessed! Really appreciate with all your help! Xx.

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