Friday, June 8, 2012

BMT completed. (First update after bmt journey)

How are you  & How am i?


December, at South Africa.


A day before enlistment.


Hi guys, it've been sometime since i updated!
All i know is that i've been doing travelling post lately.. 
I really wonder if it interest you or not! Or it do get make you feel bored and so and you left me!
Please do tell me! I would love comment from my readers! 
Yes, i'm serving the NS now but i won't let me blog go down like this!
I'll try update more words post from now!

Today's the 8 of June 2012! 
It's been a month since i enlisted on 8 May 2012! 
Here today, ima going to share 
(as you know i just got enlisted! if you don't know, you just got the information!!!)


And poof! Am Botak boy now!!

Alil of my army life.. so far..
It's been a month, since i enlisted! It definitely make all of us feel like we've been in it for long.. 
But yes, i've been through Tekong! we have been through BMTC at Tekong!!
Key: Positive attitude at all times & Never give up.
Tekong was good, a really good, rare experience.

Obviously i spent my 20s in the army, but not so bad. 
My kind platoon and section mates wished me happy birthday and even sang me a birthday song in the bunk after light off! deeply appreciate it and boost me up!! Thanks guys! <3 


There, look!!
Here's my sweet little gift from my section, 2! :)
Appreciate it! Love ya guys!

Platoon 4 and of course my section 2 rocks! I swear.
Been through up and down with my Tekong mates! Tho now we've mostly all separated but still we'll still keep in contact! 
as you know they always said: '' you'll never forget your BMT mates " i never believe it till we left Tekong!! 
Tekong, a place we met new friends from different walks of life! 
Especially to my Tekong buddy whom came from Ipoh, Stephen & and some special close friend already!

Thanks 2SG & 3SG Sergeants Samuel Koh, Bryan Hee & Ali Iskandar!
This is not the end yet, infact it've just started!

(Currently in STC!)
Still trying to cop well and accept things there! 
Booked out during the noon, am home now!
Have been sick for quite a few days in this week! But thank god, i'm so much better now!
Hope everything and all of us will go smoothly for our vocation! 
Training starting new week!

Goodluck to everyone!

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With loves,

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  1. Wahh it's been a month already? Time flies! Wish you the best of luck for NS! :D