Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello people!

Two things i would like you guys to take note of!

Catch Shawn Tok on YES933 FM 醉心客栈
(later in the evening) at 6.45PM.
Hear him share his very first album <<和时间一起旅行>>
Which will be launching on this weekend at all CD-RAMA stores!

Followed by the
Launch event for SHAWN TOK's Debut album!

Feel free to come down, and support him
@ 师奶茶餐厅 East Coast Park this
Saturday 11AM to catch his live performances!

There's even prizes for you to be won!
Grab his album onsite and you might be the lucky winner
to be wearing home a Cool Winz & Ope watch sponsered by City Chain!

Let me repeat, the details!

Location: East Coast Park's Hong Kong Cafe
师奶茶餐厅 (Beside Macdonald)
Time: Saturday, 11:00AM, June 18th!

Follow/get more updates event from facebook:

& Lastly,
专辑首播同名主打歌‘和时间一起旅行’is already playing in yes933!

Vote for the song to make it's
way to yes933醉心龙虎榜!

"POTP933《空格》和时间一起旅行" 到 72346
每则简讯收费$0.30.. Thanks ;p

Be the very first few to get hold of the album! ; )


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