Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Genting - Day 1

It has been a week since im back here.
like back to the -life- serious boring.

Anyway Genting trip was great!
Only my mum, dad, me & my lil bro.
Dad drove super duper fast like 160 - 180
VROOM! Hahahahhaha! oh ya, did i mention
there super lots of people there. becuz of cny. lol!
Reached genting at around 6 - 7 am.
Walked & rest, check in at about 12pm.
Weather there was wooooo, goooooooood!
i hope if the weather will be the same here.
like 15 degree.. its really cold & windy!
Isnt there should be 'hotter' due to global warming
but infact its cooler! hahahaha.

Yeah, so i spent alot of my myself this time.
shopping, walking around, chilling.
Because lil bro stick to mum most of the time.
I did still shop with mum lah. hahaha.
Spent lots of moneyyyyy!
We was so lucky too.
*secret xp*

Our own very sexy car xD
At the car park.
Sammi's concert on 19 - 20!
wanna go but cant. aw.
Damn shaggg!
6am + in the morning.
Stupid bro.

Mum & bro.
Me & mummy.
Saw a same spore car there. haha!
Ours! :p
Checked into hotel.
Bath and changed for the next half day there.

Went cyber cafe.
15Rm for an hour! I got scamed!

Playing L4d2! there LOL.

So cloudy & windy!
Like heaven! really!


22 - 935!

Mum, dad, bro.
Mum, dad, me!(:
Went to play this with dad. ahahaha.
2nd time playing this, but not scary at all!

LOL mum take this with us.

Went genting's theme park hotel to shop.
Night already, almost time to rest!
Bring stupid bro to arcarde.
Heading back hotel.
Stupid bro ._.

My super fan art!
you guys must be wondering where i did it.
I did it at genting! Spent alot money on it!
hahahaha! I love it lots! :)
Two me, OMG. LOL.


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