Monday, January 11, 2010

Just something i want to share.. /just random thoughts/
This is funny, my online name/nick names/ is like overtaking my real name..
like 'Nicholas'.. gosh, i kinda don't really like it now.. (christian name)
It's like ok, i rather i'm just, Nic, Nich, Nick or whatever because
people call me that too (shortcuts one! sometimes.. or most..)
Some people call me in full some people call me in short..
So i'm actually wondering, what's my name!?
It's like i can be called so many names and i'll turn over when you called me.
I sounds like i'm crapping but oh well.. that's how i feel sometimes ahaha.
Oh yes, anyway.. Nichlavigne is really gonna be my name beCAUSE
i'm changing it when i'm 21. YEAH!! SEXAY! :D

Anyway! I just discovered something..
You can actually search me in Google by
simply typing in /NICHLAVIGNE/
& you can find almost everything about me!
Facebook, twitter, blog..
I was so bored & so i did that for fun.. try now! aha.

& yes, i love my chinese name! :D


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