Friday, December 4, 2009

Watched this 3 movie this week.
2 of them were good and 1 sucks!

Omg, it's sucha good movie!
I love zhao wei!
she's pretty!
she's cool!
she's hot!
Mulan General!

Christmas carol

Ok, this movie sucks like toot.
seriously, jus now went cine and
saw 7+ 9+ movie tix was sold out.
i was like wtf -_- these ppl r gonna regret
LOLOLOL. really bored, its totally the
same from story book, no changes.
it's just BORING. *dont watch*

Happy Flight

Watch Happy Flight just now in the noon.
It was super comedy & cute.
good story/moral/endings.
HAHA! catch it man.
Yeaaa, i love to be in plane!

Tomorrow for the 4th's movie!

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