Monday, October 5, 2009

Congratz to myself!

Whee! yes, yes, yes! Im duper happy!
I've finally completed all the lesson, test, exams!
I passed all of them! & i'v got my P licence now!
Woohoo! i can drive, i can drive! jealous beh xD

Anyway, went to Ben's 21th birthday celebration
yesterday. Update again when i got the pictures!:)

It's the last week of holiday!
Getting alil more busy last 2 week.
So, below's my own made messy schedule.
hahaha! last two week of things to do.
Quite satisfied cos i did and accomplish
a number of things i wanna do.. hehe.

I miss my bai quan nu wang now!
so ima go continue watch the last 2 episode!

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