Saturday, September 12, 2009


Damn! Im not working it fairr already..
Awww.. the person incharge sudden back me out
because he said, it was full. okay, whatever..
I didnt earn any money but yet im spending..
But, nevermind.. Its a shopping, shopping dayy.

So met shayne today, he took a day leave.
Town to shop, i got myself quite a handful of items..
Ranging from bags, like two of them.. tees& shirt& more.
I still have moree stuff that i need to gett.. ahhhhh.
Neways, Revoltage rawkss.. Love-d by me alwaysss.


Went da catch a Walt-Disney movie (G-Force).
Hamsters or some Ginnie pigs...
It was superr CUTE& hilarious! Though it's
alil exaggerating. but yeah.. I likeeeee!
Forever a cartoon lover! MUAHAHAHAA!
Rate it 4/5.. Worth to watch!(:


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