Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm just got up from my bed, yawns.

Everyday sleep like a pig! only wake up almost 2.

My gawd! It's really BORING!

Have been slacking like hell this holiday..

Man... dont wanna waste another holis.. argh.

My life's so drama-less and boring recently..

can very happening stuff just happen for the sake

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. damnnnnn it.

Neways~ Nothing's happening, so no updates.

Boobooboo! Lalalala, whatever..

No pictures either cause had nothing interesting

to take pictures of also. but ima share somethings.



'' The alphanumeric transparent keypad doubles as a touchpad for controlling the

phone. It can be used like a laptop trackpad, has handwriting recognition, responds

to multi-touch commands and accommodates Gesture Command. (Meaning if you

use your finger to write an M, Music turns on!!Technology is amazing!!! The LG

Crystal also comes with a ridiculously powerful 8mp camera. Tried and tested.

BOTH the main screen and touchpad are touch-sensitive. Makes web-surfing a

breeze! Wifi-enabled, MP3 player... And all that jazz that smartphones nowadays

come embedded with.But the thing that sets the LG Crystal apart from the multitude

of other smartphones is STYLE. ''



Thats cool eh? thats the power of LG CRYSTAL!
It does have lots of secret* people dont know.
MUAHAHAHA! Wanna know more in details?
Check out xiaxue's blog then. <:)



Im currently slacking at home watching
this taiwan drama and it rawks!



''It's one of the most gripping Taiwanese idol dramas in 2009, the story revolves the heart-tugging romance of Taiwan’s hottest idol Ethan Ruan and sexy Cheryl Yang! Yang plays a career-minded single woman who feels like a loser in love, while carefree youth Ruan looks up to her as a queen! Will their relationship blossom in the end despite belonging to two different worlds? ''

More details into this drama:

Strong, independent, and hardworking journalist Wu Shuang (Cheryl Yang) is an ace in the office, and every boss's dream employee. Though she's a bit clueless in daily life, she makes more than enough money to support herself. But entering the 33rd year of her life, Wu Shuang suddenly realizes she has unknowingly become an old maid. Easygoing, energetic, and straightforward, 25-year-old Lucas (Ethan Ruan) is the man to call for any job. Seemingly untouched by anything, he learns quickly and changes jobs and girlfriends constantly, living each day differently and freely. An unexpected love story begins to unfold when these two completely opposite people with completely different lives cross paths.



女強人,單身,年過三十三,工作滿滿。卻沒有愛、沒有依靠,回頭來時,才發現,原來她已經成了一只人生的敗犬……?女人贏了一切,卻只怕輸給孤單。?   單無雙,Ifound雜志社的編輯女王,單身,32歲又11個月。她一個人,獨自奔馳了快33年,她熱愛工作,沉浸於工作,瘋狂工作,隨著年齡的增加,身價更是越來越下跌。不過,傳說中最靈的小小狐仙廟說,一個人的她,今年會有一顆詭異的桃花…   人家說,三百六十行,行行出狀元,盧卡斯卻已經做過三百六十一行!只要有錢,他什麼工都打,什麼案子都接,他……一切萬能。   在一個聖誕節的慶功宴上,同事們惡整無雙讓這2人撞在一起;[共鳴]是戲劇打動人心的關鍵。可是,誰來引起[他們]的共鳴呢?這部戲,就是[他們]的故事,她們的共鳴!

YAY! That's all to sharee!



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