Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yay, like finally i can update.. quite lucky..
Seriously blogger so fuck up now.. :(
cant even update siol.. whats the actual problem srly?
anywayy, ima gonna say bout last fridayy!
like lol -.- right? it's like LAST FRIDAY...

Okay, so i went school but didnt attend lesson cause
i was lu's model for the day..
then after that went town and met wenya.
watched GI JOE! woah nice movie!
The anna damn hot and pretty SIOL.. cool!
HAHAHAHA. Hang around heeren and Cineleisure..
Tsk, we then left town cause she hav to go for lesson.
But at least we managed to watch a show and lunch:)
LOL! Energy album only at SGD .095! sad sia.

woo! i bought wat's album ^^


heh! i like this! :p

Met up diana at causeway. gary joined later.
We went to have ajisen for dinner.
Then they both send me home after that..

woohoo, this is so cool.

tadaa! in the middle of the road..

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