Sunday, July 5, 2009

what what? no what what.
lol! met wenya in thee afternoon on fridayy.
bumped into yilin at causewaypointz.
down to bugisz to buy binni's prezzie
&i bought a top for mummy. jajaja.
duno been how long didnt go bugis liao..
a long tiring day but funnnnn!:D
oh, i didnt mention that wenya is a swans today.
laughs* yeahh, with lot'ta picssss!

bugis junction!
green tea donut? looks real.
nah, it's fake! LOL.
choosing in progressz.
got it.
tsk, asked to post like the model.
oh, cheese.

whats the '' UMMM '' face LOL.

guess what? we act-ed as through we're tourist.
can see from here.. LOL.
we are! korean tourist xD

sunnyy dayy.

back to orchard, bastood hungry.
we had korean no.1 bbq at cineleisure.
ohmygodness, i swear it was damn frigging good.
so korean!! so korean!! the grill is da same
way back when i was in korea.. hahaha..
i love it and im so gonna come back again& again.

it's 100% extra VIRGIN OIL! LOLOLOL!
* number 1 *
* number 1 *

going crazy because it was too good.
believe it or not? HAAA.

asked to do some survey forms from themm.

After some great lunch meal, we went for our movie.
AHHH! we're in the lift with a rainbow cutie teddeh!
so big and cutee.. the teddeh's running everywhere.
oh the main thingy is here..
YAY! Ice age 3! in 3D! cutezxzxzxzxz!
nicee, woo i like thee dino mama.

it's shinee and im shinee! xD

this is the best photo of the day.
i simply love it MUCH MUCH!
credit;s me okay!

After thee show, went da buy slipperz.
ultra sexy bright yellow!

tried that too.. sadly no my size. bastood!
had mac for dinner when i gave up on kfc
after waiting for 15mins? some retards
kia su bitchs, snatching seats with me.
obviously they can see me waiting there for some
time right wenya? typical singaporean.. LMAOS.
boo! it's late night.
time to homez!

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