Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holiday!!! BOOHOO!!!

Today is saturday.. so met up Daniel at yishun..
Headed to Orchard.. first thing we do is to eat!
Eat eat eat! We had Ajisen for lunch/dinner..
Thanks for the treat ahniu! ^.^

lol! noob ordering food.
Whats with this ''qian da face'' LOL!
Wooo! what happened..
Daniel duno how to take! lousy!
I take myself is even better LOL!*Oie, look here la*

After that we went Wisma Atria.
To look up for senior.. then we went to the
Wisma office tower to help these cute little kid
to style their hair for hair show..

I styled for him! haha!
Hooo! cool boy..
PSP?! oh no...
They look happy! yay!

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