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Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon

An update of what i was up to every single day in Shanghai, what i did when i was being away for almost a year in Shanghai from Singapore. Living in Shanghai all by myself is definitely not easy. Graduating from Vidal Sassoon Academy is definitely a thing to be proud of! I want you, who is interested in my life, about my future career and into hair to have a virtual tour for my Diploma hair graduation show in Vidal Sassoon, to be happy for me as i am. Learning and graduating from a academy I've always been dreaming to be a part ever since I've stepped into the hair industry. It's not easy. ps: heard from many people that a good hairstylist that you're comfortable w/ is really hard to find! Let me be part of your life, making you even more beautiful than you are and to be your lifelong hairstylist.
"If you don't look good, we don't look good!''

12/5/15 - 05/12/15
5th December 15' DIPLOMA 23; Graduation day! It's been an awesome 8 months in Shanghai & learning in Sassoon. It's definitely dream come true to be a part of TeamVS, Vidal Sassoon. Thanks to all my loves one that supports me! Thank you Daddy and Mummy for all the support and bffs that came all the way to support me! Appreciate it! Also to be very honored to be awarded as the "Best coloring expert Award" ☺️🎓✂️ 

很荣幸的拿到最佳染发奖。现在才是我真的开始。谢谢每个很支持我做美发的人,特别要感谢的还是永远最支持我的爸妈!♥️😘  #Vidalsassoon #Sassoon #Sassoonway

It's just the start of everything! 

Video credits: Wong Wenya
A part of production.


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Course mate, Jun.

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Course mate, Jimmy.

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Course mate, Jayden

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Course mate, Sam.

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Course mate, Arnis.

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And back to my work.

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Graduation day.

My work
Model 1, finishing look Lisa Li from China.

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Graduation day.

My work,
Model 2, finishing look Bernadette from Singapore.

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A picture before changing into outfit getting ready for the graduation hair show.


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Honored to be awarded as the "Best coloring expert Award" from Julia, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai's Head Director Of The Color Department.

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Julia, explaining why she chose my work.

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Receiving the award.

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Julia, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai's Head Director Of The Color Department. (Left)
Maple, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai's Principle.

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Models Lisa Li, (Left) Bernadette. (Right)

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23th batch of Vidal Sassoon Diploma long term course mates!
It's nice to know friends all over Asia! I'll miss you guys!

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Special thanks to BFFs Ben, Wenya, Bernadette, Lisa!
And model Bernadette came together with BFFs to be my model from Singapore!
And coming from home, Singapore all the way to Shanghai to support me!
Deeply appreciate it guys! 


Model 1, Lisa Li.

 photo Photo 2-12-15 22 20 10 Copy_zpswxl8j5za.jpg

-a basic A-cut to represent my love for Sassoon style, adding contemporary A-cut in both sides longer and shorter, making it different length.
-Full head bleach.

 photo Photo 4-12-15 21 44 47 Copy_zpsrardzyco.jpg

Special self-sectioning to the desired vertically lines on the right side w/ Sassoon Blue/Green.

 photo Photo 5-12-15 12 22 10 Copy_zpsqdddblzq.jpg


Model 2, Bernadette.

 photo Photo 5-12-15 00 25 37 Copy_zpsesdfzh3e.jpg

-A and just alittle of AB-cut, a more classic & contemporary bob of The Sassoon way.
-Full head bleach.

 photo Photo 4-12-15 23 08 37 Copy_zpsj8lhjraz.jpg

-Two tones.
-Desired colored line to show the boldness of the bob cut, w/ Wella's & Sassoon Green/Yellow.

ps/ alil mistake on the left due to misjudging of the line.*

 photo Photo 5-12-15 13 56 02 Copy_zps00p3tqbu.jpg


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Sassoon TEAM.